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$20 million announced to strengthen Latino communities


By launching this ambitious campaign, the Denver-based philanthropic foundation, run by Latinos for Latinos, seeks to ensure that investments in Hispanic communities and nonprofits can continue indefinitely.

The “unique community. Fundraising “One Legacy” for 3 years will make LCFC the best-funded Hispanic fund in the nation.

Carlos Martínez, general manager of LCFC Colorado, said:

This is a transformative step in our journey. We need to rethink investment models that promote systemic change.

Publicly announced in mid-October, more than $13 million has been pledged to the campaign to date, including donations from the Colorado Health Foundation for $5 million, the S. Clement Trust for $2.7 million dollars and the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Colorado. for $1 million.

“The purpose of a community. A legacy is to ensure that the work we do today will be sustained in perpetuity so that we can fulfill our mission for generations to come,” Martínez emphasized.

The campaign will focus on developing the following funds:

  • Legacy Fund – $10 million unrestricted fund to advance community transformation work.
  • Vision Fund – $5 million earmarked fund to provide capacity building grants to nonprofits, combined with leadership development, training, and coaching.
  • Loan Fund — $5 million revolving fund that opens opportunities for ongoing working capital to build wealth.

While the funds will be used to strengthen LCFC’s work statewide, its efforts will be particularly focused in places like the San Luis Valley, where the foundation works with 4 communities in partnership with Soul Players of the Valley.

The initiative will also serve as a model for beneficiary groups to leverage resources and promote economic growth, security, youth development and the pursuit of better living conditions.

“It shouldn’t just be a matter of handing out grants and walking away. Real and meaningful change comes by edifying, encouraging and working in partnership with leaders and organizations on the ground on how to find the solutions they know are right for their communities,” Martínez added.

Since LCFC’s inception in 2007, the foundation has invested more than $13 million and mobilized nearly $50 million in Latin American communities in Colorado, as well as other LGBTQ and communities of color.

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