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Additional funding for clean hydrogen hubs welcomed


Guy Barnett, Minister of Energy and Emissions Reduction,

The Tasmanian government welcomes the additional $ 150 million from the Australian government for clean hydrogen centers, bringing the total investment to $ 464 million.

Bell Bay is an ideal location for a national renewable hydrogen hub as an advanced manufacturing area with renewable energy availability, appropriate infrastructure, water availability and deep water port access.

The Tasmanian government is working with the Australian government to maximize the opportunities for Bell Bay to be a hub under the Regional Renewable Hydrogen Hub program.

Our vision for renewable hydrogen, set out in our Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan, is that Tasmania will be a world leader in large-scale renewable hydrogen production by 2030.

The 2021-2022 Tasmanian budget also committed an additional $ 100,000 to the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Area Regional Hydrogen Cluster to maximize the opportunity for Bell Bay to become a national hydrogen hub.

Tasmania has already achieved 100% renewable electricity generation and has a national target of 200% by 2040, supporting the state’s renewable hydrogen vision and helping deliver a cleaner planet through Marinus and Battery of the Nation with affordable, reliable and clean, renewable energy.

The green hydrogen provided by renewable energy in Tasmania has the potential to be a key player in the decarbonization of the global environment and Tasmania is at the forefront of this technological push.

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