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After losing everything in a fire, the community steps in to help


RICHMOND, Virginia – A community comes together to help a family who lost everything in a weekend house fire in Colonial Heights.

Glorimar Caban was out shopping for Christmas with her daughter when she received a frantic call from her husband.

“Shouting, saying come home. The house is on fire,” Caban said.

A few blocks from her house when she got the call, she rushed home. She quickly understood how serious the situation was.

“It was really hard, you know. Knowing all that you’ve built with effort, all the love you’ve put into your house, your memories, your kids that grew up there, you know, in the blink of an eye. eye, gone, almost everything lost, it’s quite difficult, ”said Caban.


Smoke swept through the entire Ellerslie Avenue house and water knocked down the ceiling. The damage left the family to lose almost everything.

While she is not allowed to enter the house, she remains attached to it following the damage.

“This is my home. I feel safe here,” Caban said.

Her family had no idea help would come in a bright green hoodie.

“He’s like an angel,” Caban said.

Like many in Colonial Heights on Saturday afternoon, Michael Vanwyck saw smoke from the blaze.

“When I walked by the fire was spreading and smoke was coming out of the attic of the house and everything,” Vanwyck said.

Once he saw the plumes of smoke, he knew the family would need help.

Colonial Heights community is rallying around a family who lost their home before the holiday season


“I immediately put myself in a situation where I knew they were going to need help right here around Christmas,” Vanwyck said.

After a quick post on social media, he went shopping.

“People in the community contacted me and CashApp gave me money, so we made almost $ 800 in gift cards and $ 1,000 in clothing and essentials,” Vanwyck said.

Anonymous donations were also deposited at the fire station and were delivered Monday morning.

A few weeks before Christmas, Vanwyck and understands the needs of the family.

“Plan to make sure her kids have Christmas,” Vanwyck said.

“For my children, I will do anything. We will do anything for them. No matter how simple, how small, as long as I know I have something for them that day. , it doesn’t matter, ”Caban said.

Vanwyck thanks the community for their support and accepts donations in their HVAC store.

Glorimar said she was grateful for the outpouring of love from the community that goes so far at a time like this.