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Charter Next Generation invests in efforts to clean up marine plastic pollution


Responsible for sustainable development and North America Largest independent plastic film producer, Charter Next Generation (CNG), is investing in the Plastic Flamingo (PLAF) – to help them in their efforts to combat marine plastic pollution in The Philippines.

CHICAGO, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 2.7 million metric tons of plastic waste is generated in The Philippines about 20% ends up in the ocean each year. An estimated 163 million pieces of single-use plastic called multi-ply pouches are consumed daily in The Philippines.

Thanks to the generous new investment provided by Charter Next Generation, PLAF will continue to meet the challenge of collecting and recycling 100 tonnes per year of plastic waste at sea over the next three years in The Philippines, leading to the evacuation of more than 300 tonnes of waste. This plastic waste is mainly made up of soft plastics and multi-layered single-use plastic packaging which are considered the most difficult to recycle and have little or no value.

During the three-year project, PLAF will collect bags and other plastic waste from their various collection points in Metro Manila, with a strong focus on residential communities. The waste collected by PLAF will be recycled into eco-panels which can then be used for the construction of houses and offices, as well as the manufacture of furniture. Through CNG’s sponsorship, seven new factory jobs will be created over the duration of the 3-year project, as well as the construction of a new sorting area for recycled materials, which will include a sorting shed and various sorting lines that will serve as an upgrade to PLAF’s current working conditions for local factory employees.

The fight against marine plastic pollution is a global responsibility, which must be taken care of at the source. With over 17 billion pieces of plastic thrown into the ocean each year, The Philippines represents the 3rd largest producer of plastic waste in the world, after China and Indonesia.

“As a global leader in sustainability, CNG takes its commitment to reducing plastic waste around the world very seriously. We are committed to supporting the efforts of organizations in the United States and abroad to have a positive impact on the environment worldwide”, mentioned Scott Hammer, director of sustainability at CNG. “We continue to invest in many organizations dedicated to cleaning up our waterways, and we are happy to join in and support PLAF’s efforts in cleaning up the waters around The Philippines“.

About Charter Next Generation
Charter Next Generation is one of North America leading independent producers of high performance specialty films, flexible packaging solutions and other end-use products that impact our local communities and beyond. We are committed to a sustainability-focused approach that protects families, strengthens the global community, and facilitates a greener future for generations to come.

Driven by a relentless green mindset, each of our thirteen facilities plays a vital role in the growth and innovation that has characterized our company since its inception. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the ultimate packaging protection – offering a durable solution without any sacrifice in performance.

Our custom-designed solutions keep food fresher for longer, better protect products from spoilage, and use cleaner manufacturing processes and recycled source materials to maintain the lowest carbon footprint of any major packaging suppliers. Our unparalleled dedication to the environment also ensures that our films allow for recyclability, compostability and the use of post-consumer resin.

As the leading producer of sustainable specialty films and flexible packaging solutions, we are committed to continuously working towards a more innovative and cleaner future, and actively facilitating a low-waste circular economy. Learn more about www.cnginc.com.

About the plastic flamingo
The Plastic Flamingo is a social enterprise that aims to fight marine plastic pollution by The Philippines. With more than 200 partner collection points, 16 public drop-off points for plastic waste, countless webinars that raise awareness and promote recycling efforts, and the successful production of eco-wood, eco-planks and pellets – The PLAF maximizes its social impact in a concerted effort to be part of the solution, not part of the pollution. PLAF is actively involved in every step of the recycling process, from collection, sorting and shredding to recycling and transforming waste into new sustainable products. Apart from this, the PLAF ensures that while tackling the plastic crisis, it also addresses other key sustainability goals – like providing opportunities and empowering women in the workplace, provide jobs for low-income families and promote equal pay. These principles are deeply rooted in the organizational values ​​of PLAF.

PLAF’s production of recycled plastic products that are more durable, rot-resistant, splinter-resistant, and termite-free, results in highly durable building materials that can be used to help build shelters, repair homes, and build a wide range of creative projects. .

The Plastic Flamingo also offers REP programs, where it will collect and recycle plastic waste on behalf of organizations and individuals, raise awareness through webinars and corporate events, and provide more jobs. to low-income communities. Learn more about https://www.theplaf.com/.

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