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Far left, Anthony Dolce, President of Jamestown City Council and Ward 2 Councilor, speaking at the public hearing on the 2022 budget proposal. PJ photo by Dennis Phillips

Some residents of the City of Jamestown would like to see an increase in funding for the Jamestown Police Department.

Jamestown City Council held a public hearing on the 2022 budget proposal on Friday, with three people speaking in favor of additional funding for police department equipment and vehicles.

Tamara Dickey, a town resident and former Ward 3 city councilor, said there had been a lot of crime issues lately on her street where she lives with her family. She said city officials should provide the necessary resources to the police department so that they can do their jobs successfully.

“We have to give the police service the resources it needs”, she said.

Lt. Sam Piazza, chairman of the executive board of the Kendall Club Police Benevolent Association, said Jamestown Police Department chief Tim Jackson discussed equipment and vehicle needs with the board during budget deliberations during the last two months. Piazza said Jackson had requested five new vehicles, with only one being funded by US bailout funding in the proposed budget. Piazza said the chief’s other request to renovate the indoor shooting range, Glock gun swaps, virtual reality training and trauma kits were not included in the proposed spending plan. He said the ministry needs to be equipped with this equipment so that it can do its job effectively.

The only other request Jackson made that was in the budget is to buy new portable radios for $ 144,321, which will be funded by US bailout funding.

“Without the funds from the US bailout, weren’t we going to fund the police department? Piazza asked.

Doug Champ, a resident of the city, also spoke about the police department’s lack of funding.

“If I haven’t seen a budget that finances the police, this budget does” he said.

After the public speaking portion of the hearing, Kimberly Ecklund, At-Large advisor and chair of the finance committee, said it’s not because the funding isn’t in the operating fund. general for police equipment and vehicles that the board ignores the problem. She said amendments would be made before the council votes on a final budget at its meeting on Monday, November 29.

Anthony Dolce, chairman of the council and city councilor for Ward 2, said the council will first deal with the city’s 2022 operating budget and then deal with how to spend the funding for the plan. rescue vehicle, which could be used for new equipment and vehicles for the police. department.

On October 7, Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist released his preliminary spending plan for 2022, which includes a 0.8% tax hike, a $ 130,000 increase. According to the State Department of Taxation and Finance, the tax levy is the amount levied on property taxes.

The tax rate proposed by the mayor will remain at $ 23.69 per $ 1,000 of property assessment. According to the State Tax and Finance Department, the tax rate is determined by dividing the tax levy by the total assessed value of all property in a jurisdiction.

Council has a Dec. 1 deadline to adopt a spending plan or the executive’s budget will be the template city officials use next year.

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