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community builds the walls of the Isaiah 117 house in one day | New


CHRISNEY – On Saturday, July 9, 100 volunteers from across the community worked together to build 70 sections of walls for the Isaiah 117 House of Spencer-Perry Counties.

Isaiah 117 House sponsored the Help Build Hope team to lead the process of building the walls.

Isaiah 117 House provided all the volunteers for the project. Obermeier Hardware and Rental located in Rockport donated all the lumber and nails used to build the walls.

The Help Build Hope project manager provides all construction plans for each of the walls and inspects the walls each time a team completes their construction. Help Build Hope also provides the tools needed to cut and prepare builds.

The project manager for the construction of the Spencer-Perry Isaiah 117 house was “Jedi Joe” Wilson. His wife, Colleen Wilson, also volunteers with Help Build Hope. The couple travels around the country to provide this missionary work to the communities.

Each team of six to eight volunteers was assigned a leader who would help instruct the process of building their section. Each team made several sections of walls. To participate in the constructions, no experience was necessary and several children aged five and over helped their families to build the walls.

The day before the walls were built, 20 to 25 volunteers also spent their time cutting the wood and preparing it for the various wall sections of the house.

Help Build Hope is a non-profit organization through CrossRoads Missions. Help Build Hope teams travel across the United States to organize the construction of walls for homes. They are often sponsored by churches and other local organizations.

This is the fifth Isaiah 117 home for which Help Build Hope has organized the wall construction process.

Help Build Hope Director of Communications, Andy Cole, explained that while there are faster ways to build walls, it’s important to have hundreds of local volunteers invested in this project.

After putting their time, hard work and sweat into building these walls, Help Build Hope believes people will continue to support Isaiah 117 House and continue to invest in their mission.

These are not just any walls that the community has built; they are the walls of a home that will provide a safe, loving and child-friendly environment for children waiting to be placed in foster care.

Currently, these children are awaiting placement in the offices of the Department of Children’s Services in Spencer and Perry counties.

Once the house is built, everything will change and the children will have a place to go where volunteers can support them. Social workers will also have a home office where they will complete the necessary paperwork.

Isaiah 117 House program coordinator Lindsey Miller spoke about the importance of the community volunteering their time to build the walls of the house. She explained that Isaiah 117 Spencer-Perry wanted to involve communities in the building process.

“It’s not just us building this house, it’s the community building this house,” Miller said.

By building the walls of the house, they actively participate in the mission of Isaiah 117 House. When the house is complete, volunteers can drive by and not only see their work, but also its positive impact on their community.

Now that the walls are complete, they will be stored at the Youth and Community Center until they are ready to be erected.

They aim to start digging the basement of the house in August, but it depends on the schedule of construction crews who will volunteer their time and expertise to complete construction.

The land where the house will be located was donated by the 4-H Association, and a groundbreaking ceremony for the house was held in February 2022.

Next weekend, Help Build Hope will build the walls of six homes that were destroyed by the tornado in Bowling Green, Ky. To learn more about CrossRoads Missions and Help Build Hope, visit their website https://www. crossroadsmissions.com/.

Isaiah 117 House will be hosting its annual lemonade stand challenge this coming weekend. Check their Facebook page for booth locations and to stay up to date on the house’s progress. https://www.facebook.com/isaiah117housespencerperryIN