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Consulta – A dynamic one-stop community engagement company providing tools, resources and support to enable their clients to achieve their goals


From individual families to local businesses, Consulta is ready to provide all the services they need to find their way through any challenge with advocacy, respect and integrity.

Committed to bringing communities together and providing families with the tools to become self-sufficient, Consulta offers culturally and linguistically competent services. Consulta is a women-owned community engagement company that works with individuals, families and community stakeholders to create strategies that advance equality, diversity and accessibility for their needs. They are not just consultants but advocates who believe in the inherent value of all life. Their team of experts and DDA-certified support broker are skilled in facilitating personalized discussions that involve collaboration, communication, dialogue, and consensus building so that everyone gets what they want.

Consulta gets to know each client’s community and stakeholders by honestly engaging with them and learning about their unique strengths, values ​​and needs. Once these needs are identified, Consulta’s diverse team of researchers, advocates and policy strategists work together to design solutions to meet them. They provide the tools, resources, support and guidance to help solve problems in real time and create change with lasting impact.

Consulta’s goal is to bridge communication gaps, support efforts that create innovative solutions, and mobilize individuals to take action for positive change. Their expertise and experience allow them to provide direct advice, develop strong grassroots strategies, and advocate for the groups that need their services the most.

Asked about the uniqueness of the company, Alarice Vidale de Palacios, the founder said that “Serving the local community through advocacy, problem solving and information sharing is at the heart of what we do. Our first and foremost goal is to provide quality, honest and timely services to our clients with integrity. Our experience has made us experts in more areas than we can count. As we strive to improve our community, we realize that our vision for a better future must involve all aspects of our community, not just our own. Therefore, we must maintain a values-based partnership. We treat everyone with respect for their individuality and never discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or age.

Consulta LLC introduced Direct Job Support to create a pathway for the most vulnerable citizens to receive home support services. This is made possible by connecting the specially empowered population to a unique database of service providers with experience in providing direct waiver-based support services. Consulta brings families in need together with providers screened, trained and ready to begin providing the services necessary for community life. As a result, families exercise their self-managed waivers and community providers begin their careers or grow their businesses using Consulta’s data-driven solutions.

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