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Defender of the family following a prestigious training


BY MIKE GERVAIS [email protected]

A Monett resident, adoptive parent and educator through Family Advocates Solutions has been accepted into a prestigious training program scheduled for September in Tennessee.

Kathy Haddock will participate in Trust Based Relational Interventions (TBRI), a research-based program from the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University, which was created to care for children who have experienced trauma.

The institute offers four trainings a year to train practitioners, and Haddock was recently asked to attend the September class being held in Memphis, Tennessee.

Currently, 11 people in the state of Missouri are listed as practitioners for this internationally renowned program.

Haddock supports local families with Family Advocacy Solutions on the third floor of the Life 360 ​​resource center where she coordinates in-person and online classes for parents, many of whom struggle with challenging behaviors. “We refer to TBRI

“We reference TBRI principles in our training that we use for resource families (foster parents) and encourage parents to consider brain function when helping a child change behaviors and meet their needs,” Haddock said.

Haddock is a single foster parent with three adopted sons and began using TBRI when traditional parenting strategies weren’t working.

This week, Haddock learned that she was also the recipient of a $2,500 scholarship to take the training. In total, the class will cost $3,500 or more in travel expenses, and Haddock said cost was a big factor in her decision to attend.

“It’s hard to justify the expense because to recoup the investment we have to bill families who are already struggling,” Haddock said. “It’s especially difficult because often we (Haddock and his three sons) are that struggling family.”

Haddock is also a volunteer member of the Coalition of Charities where she is Director of Foster Care Support Programs, which was recently chosen by 100+ Women Who Care to receive their quarterly award in August.

“We won’t need to fundraise for me to attend the class, but it will be great to have funds to support families in other ways.” Haddock said. “If you would like to contribute to support programs for foster families through 100+ Women Who Care, you can donate at cfozarks.org/100monett”

TBRI is one of the programs approved for the Parent Aide contract which allows Family Advocacy Solutions to support birth families during visitation.

“It’s a great parenting strategy, another tool for your parenting toolbox, that helps you think about the why of the behavior before you respond,” Haddock said. “There are videos and books you can buy online to learn about trust-based relationship interventions, as well as free previews on Youtube.”

Haddock said she hopes to be available to parents, schools and daycares and provide more personal/site-specific interventions.

For more information on trust-based relationship inventions, support for foster families, or becoming a foster parent, visit www.FamilyAdvocacy Solutions.org.