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Desus and Mero from Brooklyn team up with One Love Community Fridge to help end hunger in New York City


Two popular Brooklyn podcast personalities are raising awareness to help end hunger in the five boroughs ahead of World Food Day on Saturday.

Desus & Mero, who host one of the biggest late-night talk shows, are teaming up with One Love Community Fridge to help end food insecurity.

“Even if you are not food insecure, think of your next door neighbor who might be and leave, you know, share what you can,” says Asmeret Berhe-Lumax, founder of One Love Community. “So it’s about sharing and understanding that we’re all the same.”

Organizers told News 12 that the One Love community refrigerator is part of a city-wide effort to help those who face food insecurity on a daily basis. The Fridge is just one of dozens in town this week to be restocked with food thanks to their partnership with City Harvest, New York Forever, and Desus & Mero.

“You have all these people in need and these community fridges have popped up all over New York City,” said Jenique Jones of City Harvest. , 200 pounds per refrigerator, ensuring that community members can eat. “

The initiative of all parties concerned, dubbed “Comida Gratis”, is the first effort to fill the refrigerator of every citizen during the weekend. Residents applaud the effort as families continue to navigate the pandemic.

“This is important because they are giving healthy food and a lot of people during the pandemic are not getting quality food and healthy food to eat. So I think it helps families prepare meals. children, ”said Denoras Reid of Clinton Hill.

Reid says she’ll take what she needs from those who help her, and look forward to her next meal.

“I’m going to make myself an apple and potato pie, I’m going to make a potato salad. It helps a lot. It goes a long way,” says Reid.