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Dick Gregory’s One and Only Trailer Reveals Showtime Documentary




Showtime has just released a new trailer for an upcoming film based on historic activist, pop culture icon and thought leader Dick Gregory titled, The One and Only Dick Gregory. The documentary will unveil the life of Gregory, who was widely known for his comedy, activism, and willingness to help people. The film premieres Sunday, July 4 at 9 p.m. ET / PT and marks the director’s debut for the producer André Gaines, who also worked on the popular series The lady and the val and Bill Nye: scientist.

The One and Only Dick Gregory the trailer begins with hearing the legendary comedian Chris rock explaining how Gregory was “one of the greatest political comedians ever,” a feat probably achieved through his talent for tackling hot political issues and “bringing humor to them.” As the trailer continues, it’s clear audiences will see archived footage of Gregory himself early in his career, which reflects his mindset and life as a self-proclaimed “agitator”. , stating at one point that “Our goal is to help change the priorities in this country.” Gregory has run for women, Native Americans and the entire country mercilessly throughout his career and has inspired a generation of activists to the same.

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With Rock, Dave chappelle, Kevin hart, Wanda sykes, W. Kamau bell, Grégory’s wife Lillian Gregory, the wife of Medgar Evers, Dr Myrlie Evers-Williams, and others will also join in discussing the massive impact Gregory has left on the world, while also featuring the original music of Black Thought from the Grammy-winning hip-hop group. Roots.

With the exit just around the corner, it will be exciting to see how the documentary unfolds as the stars delve deeper into Gregory’s awe-inspiring life and strong knack for comedic activism. The One and Only Dick Gregory will premiere on July 4, 2021 at 9 p.m. ET / PT on Showtime, and you can check out the new trailer and key art below.

One and onlyDickGregory_KeyArt_0001

Image via Showtime

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