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Don’t Call Me Resilient – Season 2



Today we launch season 2 of Don’t call me resilient, our podcast that discusses systemic racism and how it permeates our daily lives.

In our second season, as we experience what feels like a collapsing world, we focus on imagining a better future together.

We tackle everything from how redefining pollution might show us a new way forward in the climate crisis, to why we need to think more about the impact of data collection on marginalized, ruling communities. storytelling to help us survive in our current world and build a better one.

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Season 1 Trailer: Don’t Call Me Resilient

EP 1: What’s in a word? How to face 150 years of racial stereotypes

EP 2: How to Face the Pain of Racism – and Become a Better Advocate

EP 3: How to bring about change within our unequal education system

EP 4: How we treat migrant workers who put food on our tables

EP 5: Black health matters

PE 6: Defenders of Indigenous Lands


Don’t Call Me Resilient is a production of The Conversation Canada. This podcast was produced with the support of a Journalism Innovation Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The series is produced and hosted by Vinita Srivastava. Our producer is Susana Ferreira. Our associate producer is Ibrahim Daair. Reza Dahya is our sound producer. Our consultant producer is Jennifer Moroz. Lisa Varano is our Audience Development Writer and Scott White is the CEO of The Conversation Canada. Zaki Ibrahim wrote and performed the music we use on the capsule. The track is called Something in the Water. For Episode 2, Haley Lewis co-produced. For Episode 3, Vaishnavi Dandekar was our editorial intern.