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Dozens Advocate for Affordable Housing and Economic Justice in DC | WDVM25 and DCW50


WASHINGTON (WDVM) – In Washington DC, affordable housing is still an ongoing issue for residents. On Saturday, an organization seeking to tackle this held a rally with dozens in attendance.

According to several advocacy organizations, there is not enough affordable housing for low-income families in Washington D.C.

“We have immigrant families. We have one head of household. We have veterans there. We have people with disabilities who need a place to live single parent families,” said Juanita Haynes McKenzie, member of the Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development Coalition.

She is also a member of the tenants association of her building.

“The right to decent, safe and affordable housing that you can afford, a decent place to live for a better way of life is a necessity is a human right. I’m a Washington native, I’m here and I’m not going anywhere,” McKenzie said.

That’s the message dozens of DC residents want to send to leaders.

“The idea that when the building comes up for sale you might end up homeless, you might end up on the outside. It’s scary,” McKenzie said. “I lost my job and the fear of losing my home made me commit to working with my community.”

Several DC leaders were present, including the mayor.

“The biggest concern in our city is affordability. People want to know, as great as our city is, that they could afford to live there. That their parents can afford to live here, that their kids coming home from college can afford to live here. So this year we’ve invested $500 million,” Mayor Muriel Bowser said.

The investment is part of its fiscal year 2023 budget, but it still needs to be approved by the board.

Mckenzie said she would continue to use her voice.

“Not having affordable housing for some, not having affordable housing for a few, not having affordable housing for special people, but having affordable housing for all,” she said.