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Dozens of activists will protest youth transfers in Jetson, Angola


BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – Dozens of attorneys will hold a press conference to protest state plans to transfer young inmates to Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola and the Jetson Center for Youth.

“We don’t have to do it this way,” said Reverend Alexis Anderson of the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison Reform Coalition.

In July, Governor Edwards announced plans to move about 25 teenagers from the struggling Bridge City Center for Youth after numerous escapes and riots over the past year.

Families and Friends of Louisiana Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) and several other youth justice groups will protest the state’s plan outside the Jetson Jail on Tuesday, August 11 at 11 a.m.

They are asking Governor Edwards and the OJJ to go back to the drawing board and abandon the current plan in place.

“We fully sympathize with the victims. Please don’t get me wrong. The crimes are hideous and the victims cannot be cured. But that said, we can’t turn one crime scene into a second crime scene,” Anderson said.

Proponents believe state leaders should gather more opinions from the community before making a decision.

“This room and this conversation needs to include more than law enforcement. It has to include mental health workers, it has to include educators, it has to include parents, and so there are a multitude of choices, but almost none leads to Angola.

Governor Edwards has promised that young offenders will have absolutely no contact with older inmates currently in Angola.

“I’m a minister and the only thing I believe in is restoration and resurrection, and in a state that claims to be Pro Life, let’s start with those who walk, talk and breathe and need our support,” Anderson said. . .

Speakers from the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights, Power Coalition for Equity and Justice, East Baton Rouge Parish Prison Reform Coalition/PREACH, St. Charles Center for Faith + Action, Black Man Rising, Southern Poverty Law Center and Promise of Justice Initiative will be at the demonstration.

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