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Home recycling could come back to Kingsport | WJHL


KINGSPORT, Tennessee (WJHL) – After a previous municipal service closed, Kingsport residents were left with no in-home recycling options – until a company announced a sign-up campaign that could bring the service back In the region.

Recyclops has announced that its in-home recycling services will be available to residents of Greater Kingsport if enough people sign on to the campaign, giving them the option to have recyclable materials picked up from their homes every two weeks.

“The current problems with our country’s recycling system will not be resolved until recycling is accessible and affordable for everyone,” said Ryan Smith, Founder and CEO of Recyclops. “There are 44 million homes in the United States without access to convenient and affordable recycling. Our mission is to change this community at once.

Recyclops will also provide jobs for entrepreneurs in the region. According to Recyclops, for 70 households that use its services, a job is created.

Recycling service is $ 12 per month for a bi-weekly pickup.

To sign the launch petition to bring Recyclops to Kingsport, CLICK HERE.

Recyclops describes the company as “an Uber-like service for recyclable materials that leverages a technology-driven smart routing app and local drivers to deliver selective recycling in rural areas.”