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It’s Zombie Season – The Corvallis Advocate


It’s that time of year again when the mind turns to thoughts of decaying people emerging from their graves and walking around town looking for brains. At thoughts of how they stretch their arms out in front of them, grabbing whatever can be caught until they can lure unsuspecting humans into a grisly embrace of death and dismemberment, ending in more deaths -lives wandering in the city. To thoughts on what’s new in zombie entertainment.

So if your mind works like mine, then you might be ready for some zombie recommendations. Here we are.

Zombie Movies

The cabin in the woods – Although this is not a traditionally “zombie” zombie movie, this movie is scary and there are zombies, so that matters. Designed to explain why creepy lurkers might exist, this comedy / horror does a great job of juxtaposing an office party with a cubicle – leaving it up to the viewer to determine what is scariest. Plus, you can see almost naked Chris Hemsworth and Jesse Williams, and watch Kristen Connolly and Anna Hutchison scream a bunch. You can look Cabin in the woods on Peacock or Amazon Prime.

The dead don’t die – In theaters in 2019 for about a minute, this movie is unlike anything from the trailers. It stars Bill Murray, Adam Driver, and Chloe Sevigny in deadpan roles that really work if you like subtlety. This movie received mixed reviews, but it really is a sleeper who really comes back in the face. You can find this movie on Amazon Prime.

The girl with all the presents – This film centers on a girl who is one of many children immune to the spores that cause “hunger”. With Sennia Nanua as Melanie, this movie is kind of heartbreaking. You can stream this movie on Netflix. And if you get the chance, the novel this movie is based on (same title, written by MR Carey) is equally wonderful.

resident Evil – This film series is cinematically beautiful in many ways, with Milla Jovovich playing the badass lady who can find a way out of literally anything. Based on a Japanese video game, this franchise has a total of seven films that will have you jumping out of your seat for hours. The first one resident Evil can be streamed through Netflix.

Zombie series

Weird on Hulu – This series is basically The breakfast club with zombies, and it works. The only problem is that it was canceled after two seasons, leaving the zombie enthusiast in need. It’s still worth a look.

iZombie on Netflix – Originally on The CW, this is a five-season adventure of a doctor-turned-zombie-turned-police detective who can see and solve murders by eating the brains of victims. Based on a comic book series of the same name, this series was produced by musician Rob Thomas who is actually making a guest appearance. Funny, smart, silly, and a solid conclusion to the series.

What we do in the shadows on FX and Hulu – Mainly about vampires this show has zombies and it’s ridiculously funny, so we’re counting it. A mock documentary about four vampires and a familiar, the show follows rabbit holes and weirdly delicious weirdnesses in very satisfying places. Americanized version of a New Zealand movie, this spectacle is utterly enjoyable.

Zomboat! on Hulu – The best way to avoid a zombie horde isn’t to take a slow-mo boat down a narrow canal. Stock up on British accents as they run fairly slowly towards London – with flashing back to grab a friend, a phone and… well, you should watch it. Very funny.

Zombie books

me zombie by Hugh Howey – Have you ever wondered if a zombie still has a soul? If they do, then Howey has definitely captured what it is, and it’s scary as hell! This novel leads the reader through the minds of many people stuck in bodies they no longer control, and those bodies do monstrous things. Be careful, this book is not for the weak.

The NewsChair Mira Grant Series – This novel series takes into account the effects of social media, internet news, medical espionage, and a cold cure through a total of seven books and several short stories. Start with Food and you will fall into these characters and stories effortlessly.

The reapers are the angels by Alden Bell – This book is beautifully written. It follows a girl named Temple as she lives between the remnants of American society and the brutal frontier ruled by the zombies that have brought down the world. Temple doesn’t remember the time before the zombies, but she remembers it enough to make this novel a very compelling read.

World War Z by Max Brooks – Taking a world with zombies as a real thing, this novel is able to spread through the perspectives of multiple people using the framework of individual narratives on different aspects of the zombie apocalypse. For example, what would happen to someone on the International Space Station if the world collapsed? This book has the answer. Interesting Fact: Max Brooks is the son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft, and yet this book is no fun at all.

By Sally K Lehman

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