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Javier ‘Maggical’ España’s impact was felt at Worlds 2022 in Mexico City


This year, the Worlds came to Latin America for the first time. As the action moved to the United States, Latin America welcomed Worlds with open arms as LATAM players came out to support them. The Play-In scene saw custom Luchador masksa viewing party—with the accent on the party— at the House of the Worlds, and an incredible passion from all the Latin American esports fans who rooted themselves in each team with impressive energy.

But the Mexico Worlds also missed a crucial part. Known to friends as Javi and to gamers as Riot Maggical, Javier España’s impact on Latin American esports, on gamers, and on Riot is impossible to fully summarize. At just 40, he died suddenly in May. When Javi passed away, Latin American gamers lost the face of Riot in the region and Riot lost a man who personified what it means to be a Rioter.

“Javi was so passionate, the most passionate of all of us about esports,” said Mariano Vives who worked with Javi at Riot’s office in Mexico City. “He was in the middle of our community, he was a pillar in the region for the players. He was a wonderful person, he was an excellent father. He embodied the passion of working in video games every day, he was the best Rioter out there. It was a pleasure to work with him. »

When the Mexico team talks about Javi, the laughs and the tears come in equal parts. He was a colleague, a leader and above all a friend.

“We signed our contracts with Riot on the same day over seven years ago,” said Juan Moreno, one of Javi’s closest friends at Riot. “We did Denewb (Riot’s week-long onboarding process) together in the same week. When you look up Rioter in the dictionary, Javier is what comes up. He did everything for the player and for the community. And having Worlds in Mexico was his dream, so while he’s not there to see it, we did it for him.

He was an amazing Rioter who impacted every facet of Riot. At the same time, he was a family man who would do anything for his wife and children.

“Javi was amazing at his job, but his three kids and his wife, they were his top priority,” said Santiago Duran, Javi’s manager during his final years at Riot. “He got up early, made lunch for his kids, took them to school and came to the office. Once there, it was a machine. He has done so many amazing things for our office. And he wouldn’t stay late, he would never have needed to, he would make sure he was back with his family for dinner. But you could also guarantee that he would find time for League or VALORANT later that night when the kids had gone to bed.