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Johnstown State Theater to Host “31 Days of Halloween”



A series of Halloween films will be shown throughout October at the State Theater of Johnstown, which has been the subject of a $ 28 million renovation project since Eric and Amanda Reighard became its newcomers. operators last year.

Sixty-eight films will be screened as part of the series, including the premiere of a documentary created by the Johnstown-based RAMS Paranormal Crew.

Admission to each film is $ 5. All proceeds from the film series will go towards the costs of renovating the theater, with the exception of the documentary RAMS Paranormal.

“One of their crew of four tragically died at a young age of a heart attack,” said Eric Reighard, adding that the Ryan Flemming Fellowship was created by Flemming’s family with the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. “So all profits from that night will go into the scholarship fund that will help send a local student to college. “

Renovation efforts could take years to bear fruit, but Reighard said the film series is now helping revitalize the city center.

He and his wife met with other local business owners early in the process to discuss possibilities to co-promote their businesses together.

“During the 31 days of Halloween, we are promoting with Restaurant Balance where they will be serving special dinners that coincide with our selection of movies,” Reighard said. “If you walk in and show your receipt that says you were at Balance earlier, we’ll give you a free item from the dealership booth. “

One of the first renovation efforts to be made at the theater, originally built in 1926, is to include an addition of elevators to bring the building into compliance with the United States Disability Act of 1990.

“We believe the arts are an important part of the community for everyone. So providing these opportunities to people is very important to us, ”said Reighard.

Once the renovation is complete, the State Theater of Johnstown will include a mini-restaurant, Airbnb rentals, and a performing arts stage. It will also include several screening rooms and a 1920s-style underground bar.

Reighard said a similar “12 Days of Christmas” film series is scheduled for December. He also said that more films, plays and musicals will be shown at the theater to promote the revitalization of downtown Johnstown.

The theater is located inside the Lee Campus of the Conemaugh Health System, along Main Street.

For a full list of films screened throughout the series, please visit the theater’s website: https://www.statetheaterofjohnstown.com/31-days-of-halloween