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Jorge Zuiga Blanco explains how competition in logistics affects trade


Competitiveness goes beyond simple cost reduction. Businesses can optimize their spend to create more efficient logistics operations that can contribute to the success of international trade. In today’s hyper-connected world, where many factors that determine competitiveness are commoditized and become the norm, adding value is the only way to stay competitive. Jorge Zuiga Blanco is a seasoned businessman and global trade expert, and discusses how logistics competitiveness affects global trade.

How can we become more competitive if we share fuel prices and worker wages? The answer lies in adding value, understanding load needs and context, being creative and prioritizing communication excellence. Innovation is also possible when there is competition.

Zuiga explains, It is necessary to define logistics in order to contextualize the relationship between logistics, foreign trade and logistics. It is the process of implementing and controlling the efficiency of the flow of goods from one place to another. For example, if you are thinking of an import, export and/or manufacturing company, the board of directors is the brains and the logistics are the heart. Logistics is about making things happen.

The logistics relationship with foreign trade is important. If logistics can be dynamic, competitive and efficient, it will impact international trade multipliers in operations. It will create new forms of commerce, just like what is happening with e-commerce. A website can be used by a rural producer to market their products to major consumer centers like Shanghai and Dubai.

International trade is highly dependent on international logistics competitiveness. A strong logistics agent can have a big impact on the dynamics of international trade in a positive or detrimental way. Both for the company whose operations depend on a functioning supply chain and for the customer, logistics competitiveness is crucial. A more traceable, reliable and fast logistics system becomes an important differentiator and an essential added value.

Without proper price negotiation and logistics coordination, even the most successful business can be destroyed. It is an integral and essential relationship. The development of logistics infrastructure and services plays a crucial role in international trade operations.

It is essential to consider the entire logistics operation when assessing the competitiveness of international trade operations. This means you need to consider the entire logistics flow, including the movement of goods from place to place, as well as the customs and procedures that go into making the deal happen. This is where the greatest vulnerability lies.

Managing logistics operations, in addition to infrastructure and global conditions, is a way to increase value and competitiveness in international trade. Zuiga adds, “The supply chain is the foundation of any business and logistics becomes a key differentiator for the customer and consumer.

Operations management used to be the sum of carrying out business activities. We started integrating concepts such as process optimization and cost reduction. It’s not just about optimizing while maintaining high quality to save money, it’s about doing it every time. Logistics adds more value to the product/service.

It is essential to have transparent and secure logistics processes. These are essential attributes that shippers and customers value highly. When it comes to managing logistics operations, there are three main points: reviewing costs as a routine exercise; strengthen relationships and cohesion with strategic suppliers; and the analysis of freight unitization: how to transport more goods at the same logistics cost.

Consumers expect immediate results in a globalized world. Improved traffic management, reduced material transportation times and better communication management are key factors that can add value to customers and increase their competitiveness. It’s about demonstrating, sincerely, and energizing the information so that it is easily accessible to everyone in an agile and easy-to-read way.

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