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Lawyer, cat advocate: LawSoc’s new president, Adrian Tan, pledges to speak out on public issues via social media



He plans to use social media for other purposes, to “move away from the traditional means” that LawSoc has used to communicate with lawyers.

“I want the Bar to explore the use of LinkedIn, Telegram, Instagram or any type of ‘gram’ to regularly put lawyers in contact, which will also allow us to engage more effectively with the digital natives that are our young people. lawyers, “he joked.

Indeed, the pandemic has made it difficult for lawyers to gather near courts or their offices, where camaraderie has grown and lawyers have let their guard down, spoken openly about work and learned to understand each other, he said. declared.

As the need for camaraderie among lawyers remains, Mr Tan said the power of social media must be harnessed to engage the community, enabling them to learn, discuss and connect with each other, no matter what. where they are.

To keep young lawyers inspired, Mr Tan said that with his colleagues at LawSoc, they want to explore how they can give young lawyers a greater voice in their work and in the industry, “because they are the ones who have enthusiasm and ideas to move us forward ”.

“Young lawyers tell me they want more from their jobs. They don’t mind giving it their all, ”he said.

“But they’re not just the cog in a giant machine. They want to see that their hard work makes a difference and improves the company.


On the biggest challenges facing the Singapore legal profession, Tan noted that the world is now in the throes of what has been described as the Great Resignation.

“Singapore is not spared, and neither is the legal industry,” he said.

Thus, LawSoc’s priority is to seek to understand the reasons for the departure of lawyers. They do this by carrying out studies, discussing with members and experts, and examining the experience of other countries.

“Now is the time for openness and innovation. Singapore’s success is built on agility and adaptability. And the Singaporean lawyer is typical of that, “Mr. Tan said, adding that the company will work with the courts and the Department of Justice to develop new, more profitable ways of practicing law that” will turn a legal career into one. sustainable vocation ”. .

“We want to improve access to justice for all sections of society, while allowing our lawyers to reconcile professional and private life in a satisfactory manner.