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Lawyers call on Congress to #SealTheDeal for care, climate and justice



With members of Congress back home for the summer vacation, hundreds of activists took to the streets in communities across the country for a #SealTheDeal day of action. Their request ? This Congress is fighting for every dollar in the 3.5 trillion dollar stimulus package and protecting investments in climate solutions, care, jobs and justice.

Discouraged by the small size of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, advocates for participation in the #SealTheDeal day of action – which includes members of organizations like the Sunrise Movement, Indivisible and the Movement for Black Lives – took to the committed to holding members of Congress accountable to their promises to build a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

The preliminary draft stimulus package, which Democrats plan to push through the budget reconciliation process without Republican votes, makes historic investments in clean energy, tuition-free community colleges, daycares and a path to citizenship for undocumented migrants. The package would also create thousands of sustainable jobs by investing in the healthcare economy and a civilian climate body.

In San Fransisco, Calif., Outside the offices of President Nancy Pelosi’s office, activists painted a #SealTheDeal mural and chanted, “Pelosi, be brave! Fight for us!

“I am here today to tell Senator King and our other representatives in Congress that we, the voters, want you to stay the course and seal the deal on the progressive gains of the federal reconciliation program,” said Rafael. Macias at a #SealTheDeal Even in Brunswick, Maine hosted by Maine People’s Alliance.

Rafael Macias speaks at a #SealTheDeal rally in Brunswick, Maine.

August is a key month in determining the future of what Senate Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders calls “the most important law for workers, the elderly, children, the sick and the poor. since the FDR and the New Deal of the 1930s “.

The House of Representatives meets again the week of August 23 to follow the Senate in approving the $ 3.5 trillion budget resolution. The Senate, meanwhile, is working out the legislative details to hold a vote on the final package this fall.

But moderate House Democrats have threatened to suspend the vote on the budget resolution until the smaller bipartisan bill targeting traditional infrastructure is passed, which could further delay much needed public investment.

“These two bills have to go hand in hand,” said Madelyn Trimble, a voter for Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), during a #SealTheDeal protest outside his district office. Representative Gottheimer is one of nine moderate Democrats calling for delaying the vote on the budget resolution in favor of passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill first.

“If you just focus on the infrastructure bill, you miss a path to citizenship for dreamers, you miss money for climate action, you miss housing support for people in difficulty during the pandemic. These are important things that will help New Jersey families and the most vulnerable members of Representative Gottheimer’s District, not just wealthy donors.