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Letter: Cleary an Advocate for Small Business | Letters to the Editor


I am delighted to see that Anne Cleary is a candidate for the Bismarck City Commission. As a small business owner in downtown Bismarck, I have seen a lot of change in and around the crown jewel of the community. Through her work on the Downtowner’s Board of Directors and as a co-owner of a small business in the community, Anne has championed many important priorities for the city.

Through her hard work and drive, she helped make Bismarck a better place. His candidacy makes me optimistic about what the future holds.

With smart and dedicated leadership, Bismarck has the potential to attract more people to our community. This will help grow our workforce and support entrepreneurs.

Anne has been a lifelong Bismarck resident and knows what it takes to grow a successful business. She has faced obstacles and seized opportunities throughout her career; this business experience will make her an excellent municipal commissioner.

Through her work downtown, she has shown that she knows how to respect and work with multiple stakeholders and viewpoints. I know she will bring that same skill set to the commission for the benefit of the entire town of Bismarck. She is well equipped to meet the challenges facing the town of Bismarck, and I can’t think of a better leader to help ensure our community thrives for years to come!