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Letter: Joelle Gallagher, Community Leader and Spokesperson | Letters to the Editor


I met Joelle Gallagher over 10 years ago when I moved to Napa and started volunteering at the Cope Family Center. I quickly became a board member for seven years. I had the privilege of witnessing Joelle’s leadership skills as she worked with the board, staff and community. She embodies the qualities of what a true leader should be. In my role as a leadership consultant for many years, I quickly saw that Joelle’s mastery of leadership was rare, exceptional and a role model for her staff and the nonprofits in which she participated. .

She is an excellent communicator; actively listens, engages in collaboration with all the people with whom she comes into contact, carries a vision and motivates those around her to want to work with her and for her. She has always provided a positive, trusting and supportive environment which has led to a high performing organization. Cope’s growth throughout Joelle’s tenure stemmed from her firm belief that, to make the most successful contribution, the organization must create employee satisfaction and development, be visible and impact the community in a meaningful way. wide and increase the services that Cope could provide.

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My interactions with the staff were always pleasant and work-oriented, so we had a great time while getting things done, and that atmosphere permeated all of Cope. What impresses me most about Joelle over all these years is her commitment to making Napa a better place to live and work. She cares deeply and is passionate about children and families and works every day to find resources and services to help those in need. That’s why I think Joelle Gallagher is the best candidate for the position of supervisor.