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Livermore does everything for Halloween after 2020 Nixed Trick-or-Treating pandemic – CBS San Francisco


LIVERMORE (KPIX) – Halloween is only two days away and the ghosts, goblins and ghouls of an East Bay community are ready to party like it’s 2019 – before we connect all at the ongoing horror show known as COVID-19.

The neighborhoods of Livermore make every effort to decorate. The Livermore Police Department held their annual home decorating competition on Thursday evening, screening nearly 30 different homes that have registered to compete.

“We decided to take our trick-or-treat trailmobile and see what the community has done with their decorations. Their decorations are top notch! Livermore PD Officer Taylor Burruss said.

Bianca Summerill threw a Monster Mash dance party in the driveway of her house on Nadine Street.

“If they’re old enough to remember Halloween, they’ll remember that crazy time when we went dancing down someone’s aisle with a bunch of monsters. That’s good! ”Said Summerill.

A few blocks away, Steve Profumo has built his annual haunted house. He says Halloween has always been his favorite holiday of the year, and he’s always looking for ways to improve his decorating game due to the competition between neighbors.

“Livermore is all about decorating – for other holidays too. It’s just about creating memories and giving them something to look forward to, ”Profumo said.

Yvette Cramer just moved to Livermore about a month ago and was walking around with her two little boys looking at all the decorations.

“Seeing all of this community involvement and everyone going a little crazy for Halloween, it brings some normalcy back,” Cramer said.

“If you go around all the houses this year, it’s crazy,” said Rachelle Forstner who won awards for her Christmas decorations.

“Being kind and making people smile, especially at times like this, is kind of what it’s all about.”

Health experts say it’s safe to go for a walk or treatment this year. They suggest to stay outside, not to enter houses, elevators or apartment buildings. If you want to be safer, incorporate a mask into your child’s costume.