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103 years ago

August 21, 1918

• Chas. Mehtlan killed a large forked horn on Willits Road on Saturday. He camps with George Williams and Mervine Gamble.

• Andrew Johnson was from Northspur on Sunday. He says Mr. Knowles, the San Francisco architect who designed the house he is building in Northspur, inspected the building on Friday and was very pleased with the way the plans are being executed.

• Six other draft boys are due to leave Ukiah between August 26th and September 1st. Those called are WJ Brown, of Willits; J. and G. Hurt, Covelo; LJ Layton, Ukiah; R. Barnett, Albion; B. Mazzini, Point Arena.

• W. Maijala left this week for the towns of the bay. He sold his big green car to H. & K. Grocers and retired from the jitney business, expecting a call to colors shortly.

• Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kemppe and Babe returned on Sunday from a road trip to Lake and Colusa counties.

• The state senators’ struggle for this district is between Pettis and Purkitt. We do not like the policy of the latter who, although recognized Democrat, also tries to “monopolize” the Republican nomination. Pettis does not need to be introduced to the coast. He is a broad-minded Republican and he has made a magnificent record in the Assembly. By all means, Pettis is entitled to the Republican nomination. Give it strong!

78 years ago

August 25, 1943

• Staff Sgt. Dave Stauer, who is stationed in the South Pacific, is probably spending his award of seven days off right now. Dave, son of Mr. and Mrs. HJ Stauer, of Fort Bragg, was given a seven-day leave of absence in civilization as a reward for the number of bombings he participated in.

• Ms. Angelo Del Re and her friend, Ms. Evelyn Versino, went on vacation for two weeks. They accompanied Mrs. Bruno Morandi to Richmond where she will be employed by the Standard Oil Company.

• Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Silva and their son, from Vallejo, visited for a few days Mrs. Silva’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Goranson.

• The Pioneer Dance Club will be hosting a dance at the community center where old school dancing will be performed. Old-fashioned music will be provided and a portion of the proceeds from this dance will be donated to the committee that buys cigarettes for serving men.

• Miss Patricia Lynn, daughter of Charles Lynn, was promoted to Shipbuilding Inspector at Emeryville. She is here to visit relatives this week.

• Mr. and Mrs. Ed Duffy and their children, from San Francisco, were spending a few days here with Mrs. Duffy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Arthur.

• Pvt. Fred Ottoson, who was on leave, departed today for the long journey back to Camp Mackall, North Carolina, where he is stationed.

53 years ago

Aug 22, 1968

• Malaria, humanity’s costliest disease, affects 140 countries and territories inhabited by more than one billion people.

• Fay McBride, a retired Union Lumber Co. welder, died at a local hospital last Saturday after a long illness. He was 67 years old. A native of Wichita, Kan., He was born July 25, 1901 and has resided here for the past 45 years. He had been employed by ULCo. from 1923 to 1966, date of his retirement.

• Army Specialist Four Wilburn P. Janes, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn P. Janes, Fort Bragg, received the Purple Heart on August 9 near Quan Loi, Vietnam. Spec. Janes received the award for combat injuries received while serving in Vietnam on May 24. The 20-year-old soldier graduated from Fort Bragg High School in 1966.

• Fish grow mainly during the summer months and very little or not at all during the winter.

• At the Coast Theater: “Wild in the Streets” with Shelley Winters, Christopher Jones and Diane Varsi. “The Thomas Crown Affair” with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway.

• Mendo-Scene-O By Don Burleson: Clytie and Eddie Mathews are brave souls. They planted a lawn in Mendocino where such an optimistic business is unknown. And it has been a great success, as I can tell every time I look from the purchase order windows. Except lately the green expanse has burst into unsightly mounds of horrible brown earth. Gopher!

• Happy Birthday Horace Weller and may you have 90 more!

• On The Go With Gerry Grader: Banker looking for a retaliation… In the flickering flame of a leftover Christmas candle, Les Larsons struggled on Monday to respond to the universal “You didn’t pay your lighting bill, eh? when the lights were off at the B of A for about an hour. If money weren’t such a cold commodity, there might be romantic possibilities for candlelight banking. Even then, it beats the cacophony of computers.

38 years ago

Aug 25, 1983

• Belle of the Redwoods title sought by the following beautiful group of ladies: Kelly Dieters, Jessica Bush, Thelma L. Aston, April Drum and Nikki Harbor.

• The Mendocino Study Club presents “Stars In The Gardens”, an extravaganza from Puccini to Pops. – a production by Steven Jordan. A scholarship.

• Rosalie Gjerde of Gjerde Music Studios in Fort Bragg has just returned from a seminar given to a small group of teachers by Sue Shannon. Seminar topics included the Orff Learning Process, Group Teaching, Complete Musicality, Motivation, Recitals, Business Policy, and Curriculum.

• At the Caspar Inn this week: “The Gene Parsons Band. Zydeco Express. George Winston. James Lee Stanley. Beluga.

• A moderate earthquake rocked the Mendocino coast early Wednesday morning, waking sleepers and rocking lamps, but causing no injuries. According to the Berkeley Observatory, the shaker was recorded at 6:36 a.m. and rated at 5.5 on the open Richter scale. It was strong enough to scare.