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Manchin not ready to back $ 1.75 billion budget


“We need a CBO score anyway, in order to process the bill through the parliamentarian on the Senate side,” Schatz tweeted. “Nothing that was said was exactly new. The tone alarmed people, but basically nothing changed.”

The White House and a leading Democratic progressive in the House were not immediately alarmed by Manchin’s comments. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement that Biden shares Manchin’s goals of ensuring the package is fully paid for and will not trigger faster inflation. “Accordingly, we remain confident that the plan will win the support of Senator Manchin,” Psaki said.

Progressive Congressional Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., Said the House schedule has not changed despite Manchin’s comments. Jayapal told CNN on Monday that progressives would be ready to vote for the two bills as early as this week once a few areas of negotiation are concluded, including on prescription drug pricing, immigration and provisions relating to drug abuse. child care.

“We are tired of… continuing to wait for one or two people,” Jayapal said. “We trust the President that he will get 51 votes for this and we will pass both bills in the House as soon as we complete these final negotiations.”

The House Rules Committee was due to meet to consider the parameters of the ground debate on the reconciliation bill as soon as the final adjustments are worked out. It was originally supposed to be Monday, but over the weekend Democratic leaders said more work needed to be done, but before Manchin spoke they were still hoping for a vote this week.