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Meet the stars at the #JamieMovie premiere in Sheffield


The global musical film debuted on stage at the Crucible in 2017

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The film Everybody’s talking about Jamie returned to Sheffield, where he began his life on stage at The Crucible in 2017.

The musical tells the story of Jamie New, a 16-year-old living in Sheffield, who becomes a drag queen and wants to go to her prom wearing a dress.

It’s based on real events, the story of Jamie Campbell, which was originally told in a TV documentary.

Last night, the stars of the film walked the pink carpet at Le Creuset to celebrate the release.

Max Harwood (Jamie New): “I was really adopted by Sheffield”

Max Harwood, who makes his film debut, says coming back to Sheffield is “surreal” and a “homecoming experience”.

He told Hallam FM of the impact he hopes the film can have, reaching a global audience: “It’s absolutely about having a good time and shining, but I hope audiences come away open to watching. joy Jonathan Butterell, director often said that when we are open to joy, we can open our hearts and minds to learn and grow, and to think about other people’s feelings and what they might want. I hope the community around this film, and not just the LGBTQIA + community, can really change. “

Asked about the impact of a movie like this when he was growing up, Max added: “I would have obviously seen gay people on screen and it would have made me step into my most authentic self more quickly. and I hope that will do it for a lot of young people.

“We need to keep telling stories. We’re not there yet, and we continue to regress in many parts of the world and in many ways, so the more stories like this we tell the better. . “

Jamie Campbell: “I still don’t think going to prom in a dress is a big deal”

Jamie Campbell, who the story is based on, says his former self “wouldn’t believe” the impact his story had, having heard “so many stories from so many people who have said how it affected them and changed their lives. It’s so rewarding. “

“Representation is really important and just seeing someone else do what I love would have inspired me to go ahead and do it.”

Her mother, Margaret, told Hallam FM: “It’s mind-blowing, really, it’s so surreal, we have no other say! It’s absolutely out of this world.”

Jonathan Butterell, Tom MacRae and Dan Gillespie Sells chat with Hallam FM and Greatest Hits Radio reporter Seb Cheer

Creators: Jonathan Butterell, Tom MacRae, Dan Gillespie Sells

The original TV documentary, Jamie: Drag Queen at 16, was watched by Sheffield-born theater director Jonathan Butterell, who created the show with writer Tom MacRae and composer Dan Gillespie Sells. They also directed, wrote and composed the film version.

Dan told Hallam FM: “Tom and I feel like we’re from Sheffield, although we’re not. We feel like we’ve been adopted and very happy. It’s a city gorgeous and I don’t think I’m ever going to love another city as much as this city, she takes care of us, we love her.

Tom paid tribute to the Sheffield fans: “It’s their night. It’s all because everyone. We wouldn’t have anything if they hadn’t come to support us in our original two-week run. We had the most incredible embrace in town and the heat of it literally spread around the world. “

Jonathan spoke of the impact on young people of seeing someone they can relate to on screen: “We are all different. We all have our difference, we are all unique, we are all special. about a young queer boy who wants to go to his prom in a dress. But to me, he’s about anyone, who wants to find their joy and take it into the world, and find a safe space to do it. “

Lauren Patel (Pritti Pasha): “So many of my memories of making this film are anchored in this place.”

Lauren Patel, who plays Jamie New’s best friend Pritti Pasha, told Hallam FM: “The first day I moved in here, Max Harwood, Jamie New took me past the crucible to show me where the show had started. That’s wonderful”

“I hope people take some joy from the movie. I hope it helps them feel a little less lonely, and I hope people maybe get a bit of courage from Jamie.”

Mark Herbert (producer): “I couldn’t move for two weeks without talking about it.”

The film was produced by the Sheffield-based production company Warp Films.

Warp producer and co-CEO Mark Herbert says it all started during the 2-week musical on stage at The Crucible: “I was shooting something back then, and it was so hard to try. to come and see him, but we succeeded.

“Literally, as I was going out, I called my business partner Peter and said, ‘We have to make this movie. We need to. “

“The next week I met Jonathan, Dan and Tom, I shook hands, and then we did.

“It’s about being who you want to be, whatever it is. Just be your most amazing self and let the world accept who you really are. If people don’t, they don’t have to. importance.

“I was born in Doncaster, I grew up in South Yorkshire, I went to a comprehensive school. I just hope that makes people believe that they can achieve anything. You can make your dreams come true!”

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Max Harwood as Jamie New

Max Harwood makes his Jamie New movie debut.

Lauren Patel as Pritti

Lauren Patel will also make her film debut as Jamie’s best friend, Pritti.

Richard E. Grant as Hugo / Loco Chanelle

Actor Richard E. Grant dons high heels as he plays Hugo AKA Loco Chanelle. Grant has appeared in many films more recently Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker.

Sarah Lancashire as Margaret

Sarah Lancashire will play the role of Jamie’s mother. Sarah is known for her work on Coronation Street as good as Happy valley and Last Tango in Halifax which won her the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively.

The Queens

The film also has some iconic British drag queens playing the roles of Hugo’s friends who help Jamie with his first performance.
Dan Wallace / Anna Phylactic plays Tray Sophistica, Anna is a Queen of Manchester known for Channel 4 Slide SOS.

Gareth Joyner / Myra Dubois plays Laika Virgin. Myra can be found in bars across the country often, reminding people that she is “off the TV” after recently appearing as a semi-finalist on England has an incredible talent.

Ola Jide / Son of a Tutu plays Sandra Bollock. Son of a Tutu is considered drag royalty and can usually be found in some of London’s top establishments such as Admiral Duncan and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

Shobna Gulati as Ray

Shobna Gulati will play Ray, Margaret’s best friend. You can recognize Shobna from Coronation Street or recently in Doctor Who. She also played the role of Ray in the West End production.

Adeel Akhtar as Iman Massood

Adeel Akhtar will play the role of Iman Massood, of whom nothing is known yet because this character does not exist in the production. Adeel has appeared in many well-known movies and TV shows such as Four Lions, killing Eve, and the Wretched TV shows.

Sharon Horgan as Miss Hedge

Sharon Horgan will play Miss Hedge, Jamie’s not-so-friendly teacher. She is known for Disaster in addition to lending its voice to Netflix Disenchantment.

Ralph Ineson as Wayne New

Ralph Ineson will play Wayne, Jamie’s disapproving father. Ralph has made numerous appearances in film and television, including Guardians of the Galaxy, Chernobyl, and Game Of Thrones and Office.

John McCrea as young Hugo

John McCrea returns to the world of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie to play a younger version of Hugo. John created the role of Jamie when production started in Sheffield and continued in the role of the original West End cast.

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