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Mother Advocates For Statewide Mandated Parent Training Class For Driving Students

Tammy Gweedo McGee is advocating for a statewide mandatory parent / student driver education course. (WYDaily File / Courtesy Tammy McGee)

YORK COUNTY – A local mother is set to pass a law that would require all parents in Virginia to attend their child’s driver education class.

In October 2019, Conner Guido, Tammy Gweedo McGee’s 16-year-old son, was one of three Tabb High School teens who died in a car crash that rocked the community.

Since her son’s death, McGee has worked to educate young drivers and their parents about the dangers of distracted driving.

In March 2021, a bill named after her son, “Conner’s Law”, was passed. This new law requires all high schools in Virginia to require a valid driver’s license in order for students to have a parking pass / permit.

Additionally, the Virginia code 22.1-205.1 has been changed so that high school driver education programs include instruction on the dangers of distracted driving and speeding.

While Conner’s Law was created in response to Conner’s tragic death, McGee said she wanted to continue championing a cause that would impact everyone.

On January 5, the Virginia Senate Bill (SB) 78 was introduced, which would require the Virginia Board of Education to include the requirement for an additional minimum of 90 minutes of parent / student driver education in its training programs. driving for all public school divisions. .Tam

Currently, the Virginia code 22.1-205 includes a 90-minute training component for parents and students. However, this only applies to one district in Northern Virginia.

“I found out about this law and it didn’t make sense to me why this is only for one district,” McGee said.

Virginia Senator Tommy Norment wears SB78, which amends Virginia code 22.1-205 to make the parent / student component statewide mandatory.

“Making sure parents are educated on the rules of teen driving is just as crucial as teens are being educated, because parent and teen should work together in their education for safe driving,” McGee said.

The bill is currently pending before the Senate Committee on Education and Health.

McGee is currently rallying and encouraging others to sign to support SB78.

“You know, I think we can all agree that investing 90 minutes of your time in raising your child is a small price to pay to help keep your child and others safe,” she said. declared.