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Mother, others plead for change after bullying incidents at Madison County schools

Braden Horn suffered serious facial injuries after allegedly being attacked at school during a bullying incident

RICHMOND, Ky (WTVQ) — March 16 is a day Courtney Horn will never forget. It was the day she received a call that her 15-year-old son, Braden, had been in a fight at school – Madison Central in Richmond, after months of bullying.

“He tried to take the high road, walk away, ignore it,” Horn said. “And it all kind of fell apart that morning.”

Braden suffered serious facial injuries.

“At that time we learned he had a permanent eye injury, had three broken nose bones and had extensive dental work,” Horn said.

After posting on Fcebook while Braden was in the hospital, Horn received numerous messages from others experiencing the same issues.

“You realize that happens so much,” Horn said. “And you just don’t hear about it. It’s been pushed under the rug where people are afraid to speak out.

On Saturday, these parents gathered at the Madison County Public Library for a “Stop Bullying” meeting, all looking for answers and talking about what they’ve been through.

“We wanted to bring these people together and say ‘what can we do as a community, can we do as parents and educators, be on the same page and say this is not right. We need change. We have to do something.

The group is now presenting a petition to a new parent-led council, seeking to bring issues before the Madison County School Board in hopes of improving the school environment for students.

“It’s not ‘us versus them’. We are not going to be a council of parents who are just against the school board. We want to work with them. We want to help, we want to bring them ideas and tell them “this might work” because someone on the outside may have a different suggestion that works for you and helps with bullying, and that helps whatever whatever situation they have there,” Corne said.

ABC 36 has contacted the Madison County Superintendent and the director of Madison Central, and so far we have not heard back.

Horn says she’s pressing charges against the bully.
She says Braden is still going through complications.

“He suffered a lot, emotionally, just trying every day to get over it. He’s in counseling now, trying to do his best so he can kind of get back to where he was before,” Horn said.