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Pa. STEM funds student group project in local communities | High school


Through the Governor’s STEM Competition, students from across Pennsylvania have the opportunity to engage in long-term research alongside other students and mentors, then formally present their findings at a research symposium. . The program also provides opportunities to work with members of the local community and businesses, who help design the projects.

Each team receives initial prototype funding and competes in the statewide competition in April 2022. Each team must be interested in the program by November 19.

The Governor’s State STEM Competition is a free program open to all students in Grades 9-12. The maximum group size is 5 students, and each group must select a group mentor – usually a teacher or community member. Each team receives a stipend of $ 600 to fund the design of their prototype.

According to the Ministry of Education, the objective of the program is to “challenge teams of students from across the state to research, design, and present a device or project that can improve the quality of life for Pennsylvanians by completing a series of hands-on tasks that can meet real-world needs . “

The community component of the program is an effort to tackle a “real problem” facing its community. According to the Department of Education, these community relationships “help create an authentic experience for students and provide them with opportunities to learn more about STEM-based career paths and employment opportunities. “

For interested students, teachers, mentors, find important deadlines online. The Ministry of Education also has a Project FAQ page.

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