Payday Loan: How to apply for it? Here is the Guide

What should you do to get a payday loan? What are the different options that the bank offers and which ones are the most convenient?

With this guide on how to get a sum from this bank we will see what are the steps to follow.

Here’s what you need to do to get the perfect loan for you and your desires!

How to get the payday loan with this group


It may happen that you need money to fix a house or a vacation or to solve some problems. Allows you to choose the right option for you.

To apply for a payday loan, you can choose to apply for a branch or apply for a loan online . In this second hypothesis you just need one click and in general you can open the file and get the money in 48 hours. In just two days you can get the money in your account.

To calculate the installment to be paid each month just make a quote, which can also be requested online. Simply enter your data in the appropriate form, the amount you need and the number of installments in which you decide to return the figure.

The quote is free and is not binding on the request for the loan with Bper and allows you to get an idea of ​​the expense and the cost of the installments to be supported, as well as allowing you to have a track on the repayment duration and interest.

Just remember that the more months to return the sum, the more the monthly payment is reduced, but in this case the interest goes up. For this reason we recommend finding the middle ground between the payment term and interest. That way you won’t waste too much money on interest.

Offers various financing options depending on age, purpose and amount. The options are divided into:

  • Mini loan : a short loan with a maximum amount of 3 thousand euros and a repayment time up to a maximum of 12 months. This loan is obtained quickly and with reduced costs;
  • Light Loan : the loan that allows a maximum of 30 thousand euros to be repaid up to a maximum of 72 months.
  • Payday Loan: Also called a personal loan
  • Fixed rate or variable rate : a loan for an amount from 3 to 30 thousand euros and can be repaid from 12 up to a maximum of 120 months. You can choose a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate;
  • Home Value Loan : for domestic work or for the energy requalification of the building. The loan is up to 75 thousand euros, at a fixed rate or at a variable rate, to be repaid in no more than 10 years and allows for tax breaks for energy savings;
  • Repay Loan : with the assignment of the fifth that allows you to request a loan to repay with the withholding of a fifth of the salary. The amount to be requested varies depending on the amount of salary and duration;
  • Student Loan : for students, has a subsidized rate for the purchase of computers and books, the APR is 0.45% and the maximum amount that can be requested is 1,500 euros, the maximum duration of financing is 12 months.

To find out all the details relating to the various loans, we recommend asking for an appointment at a branch so as not to have surprises when applying for a loan.

The necessary guarantees for the loan


Whatever loan you wish to request, you will have to offer mandatory guarantees. The mandatory guarantees are the same even for those on the bad payer list or for those who have been previously protested. The guarantees are:

  • The guarantee of a third party : which can act as a guarantee. The third party, or the, can guarantee being a friend or a parent or a relative. We remind you that the guarantor can become responsible for the return;
  • The pension : a solid guarantee, but the duration and the number of installments to be reimbursed can change depending on the age of the applicant;
  • The pay slip : a solid guarantee for the loan, thanks to the pay slip generally you get fast loans and advantageous rates;
  • The salary assignment : in general it also helps those who have been protested or are on the bad payer list to obtain the loan, the sum to be returned to the bank will be withheld from salary or pension each month. In general, the salary assignment allows for advantageous rates and times for repayment up to 10 years.

What you need to get the loan

What you need to get the loan

To obtain the loan you must give to the bank:

  • A valid identity document;
  • The pay slip, or the pension or the last tax return (only for the self-employed).

All applicants must provide the same documents, so even those who have been protested or are on the list of bad payers. Generally there is no need to provide other documents, since the bank to which the loan is requested will take care of the rest.



Generally, it takes a couple of days to get a loan online, so in 48 hours from the opening of the file you can get the money in your account.

In the event that you opt for the loan request in the branch it will be a person in charge to report to the applicant what the waiting times are.

We remind you that each loan request is different and that in this case both the waiting times and the type of monthly payment, that the interest to be paid may change.

The interests

You can immediately know what the interest rate to pay with a convenient online quote will be more or less. The estimate can also be requested from a representative in a branch.

We remind you that the loan is not binding and is completely free. Using the quote, you can find out the rates, The TAN is the interest rate, the APR is the synthetic total cost of the loan or the cost of the commissions to be paid.

Checking the interests, then the TAN and the APR, can help you choose the lowest and most convenient ones. With a little research you can even save on interest before applying for a loan.

And the subjects protested?

We are not sure that the bank will pay the loan if you have been protested or if you are on the list of bad payers, but you can try providing some guarantees to the bank.

The only way to understand will provide the loan is to ask for clarifications in a branch by making an appointment with a representative.

The person in charge will assess the financial situation and decide whether or not to accept the practice. Commonly, the assignment of a fifth of the salary is the most solid guarantee to have the loan with Bper also in the case of an applicant on the list of bad payers or protested.

With the sale of the fifth it is possible to obtain plans to repay the amount up to 10 years and low-interest rates. If you need a loan, but you are a bad payer or have been protested, we recommend that you try this interesting option.

Loans for temporary workers

Loans for temporary workers

Also thinks about temporary workers. If you are a temporary worker and need to request a sum, you will need to provide the bank with some additional guarantees.

To get the loan even from temporary workers, the number of installments to be repaid must not exceed the remaining contract months.

The other conditions to be respected in order to get a loan from temporary workers are the same as for permanent workers. Therefore no further guarantees must be provided to the bank.