Home Advocate “Please vote for John Samia”

“Please vote for John Samia”


A candidate for the Shrewsbury Board of Selectman, John Samia has the professional experience, proven track record as a Selectman and the skills to meet the challenges facing the town of Shrewsbury.

I had the pleasure of serving with John during his tenure on the Shrewsbury School Board and appreciated his deep understanding of the complexities of municipal government, his balanced approach to budgets and his passion for providing services to all students. .

The fiscal year 2022 budget was extremely challenging, and John took the initiative to work with other city officials and residents to develop a long-term financial plan that provided much-needed funding for school and city services, and the creation of a stabilization fund to provide predictable budgets and sound financial management for at least the next four years, if not longer. He has strong business acumen, understands legal issues and offers cost-effective solutions.

John was instrumental in forming a monthly working group consisting of two members of the Board of Selectman, two members of the School Committee and the Principal and School Superintendent to discuss issues and answer questions . This has resulted in an invaluable opportunity to collaborate and work on long-term solutions.

John listens to all points of view and carefully considers information and makes decisions in the best interest of the entire community. He is forward-thinking and has the experience, knowledge and passion to continue to make Shrewsbury a better place to live for all citizens.

Please vote for John Samia.

Sandra M. Fryc