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Producer Team “Poldark” and “Yesterday” for Iain Banks Adaptation-Deadline



Exclusive: yesterday producer Matthew James Wilkinson Affiliated to Poldark When effort Executive producer Tom Murrens, a TV adaptation of the crime novel by Scottish author Iain Banks Business..

This project marks Wilkinson’s latest foray into television with a stigma film. The film also includes Steven Knight’s televised slate. 2 tones A developing drama with high praise.

Business Following Kate Thermann, a working class from Glasgow who rose through the upper management ranks in a secret super-company known only as the company. Despite the benevolent image and democratic structure that the company plans to buy a small country for a seat at the United Nations, and that it presents to the world, Therman is making an impact. Don’t do anything to increase your strength. So when Terman traveled the world from Scotland to the Swiss Alps, the Midwestern United States, Pakistan and the Himalayas and decided to uncover the plot at the heart of the shadowy business she works for, a dangerous personnel The calculation will begin.

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The idea is to shoot outdoors in certain international cities.

The deal was negotiated by Luke Speed ​​of the Curtis Brown Group on behalf of the literary director of Iain Banks.

This series is the first collaboration between Mullens and Wilkinson to work with the Stigma Slate TV project.

Mullens and Wilkinson said: I look forward to celebrating Ian’s work with a relevant, powerful and entertaining thriller today, just like it was when it was first released. “

Mullens is currently working on the ITV thriller series Our house , Martin Compston, Tuppence Middleton, Rupert Penry Jones.

Wilkinson, who is currently working on Sky Original, recently acquired Netflix. CURSES> R..Previous credits include ticketing yesterday, Created with a working title.

The prolific Scottish writer Banks, who died in 2013, was best known for his sci-fi thrillers and novels. Wasp plant When Thinking of Furebasu, The first in his successful “Culture” series.

Team of producers “Poldark” and “Hier” for Iain Banks Adaptation-Deadline

Team of producers “Poldark” and “Hier” for Iain Banks Adaptation-Deadline