Home Climate justice Quebec mothers demonstrate for climate justice at the Prime Minister’s Office for the 20th consecutive Sunday

Quebec mothers demonstrate for climate justice at the Prime Minister’s Office for the 20th consecutive Sunday


For the twentieth consecutive Sunday, members of the collective Mothers Step In (Mothers at the front) will gather in front of the Montreal office of Prime Minister François Legault to demand that the government “respond to climate justice”.

Andréanne Grimard is one of the mothers and grandmothers who have been demonstrating with their children every Sunday since April 4.

To ensure that the Prime Minister and his entourage take note of their presence, she explained that the children who accompany their mothers draw and write messages in chalk every week on the sidewalk in front of the building on Sherbrooke Street.

“We want concrete actions for the environment” was a message on the sidewalk, accompanied by a drawing of the sun and the names of several children.

“On Monday, when the Prime Minister’s executive council staff come into the office, they see the signs. They see we’ve been here another week,” Grimard said. “Science tells us that we have eight years to reduce emissions (of greenhouse gases) by more than half. I signed petitions, I participated in marches, in annual demonstrations, I also work on the subject.

“But we don’t have the luxury of waiting a year for the next event, for the next report, for the next strategy, for the next budget; we really need to start today. We should have started years ago. decades.”

The group asks the government of Quebec “that all decisions be examined according to their impact on the environment and intergenerational equity”.


Sometimes there are only five or six people protesting outside Legault’s office, and other times there are as many as 20.

Mothers Step In is a decentralized movement of about thirty groups active in different cities and towns in Quebec that has given itself the mandate to “break inaction in the face of climate change and protect life on Earth”.

In Rouyn-Noranda, for example, Mothers Step In is involved in the Horne Foundry file.

They have staged protests downtown and recently called a Rouyn-Noranda city council meeting to lobby Mayor Diane Dallaire and her councilors regarding arsenic emissions from the Horne smelter.

On May 8, Mother’s Day, Quebec’s Mothers Step In organized a demonstration, which gathered thousands of people, according to some media estimates, in front of the National Assembly.

“Climate justice” was at the heart of the protesters’ demands, but they also voiced their opposition to the third link.

The road tunnel project between Quebec and Lévis is also a subject on which the mothers intend to draw the attention of the public during the provincial election campaign which will begin in a few weeks, Grimard told The Canadian Press.

For Sunday’s event, mothers are expected in Montreal, and the organization’s press release indicates that “colorful activities” are planned, without however specifying the nature.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published in French on August 14, 2022.