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The Philippines has slammed what it describes as ‘delaying tactics’ by several key nations that have hampered the UN’s work for the mandated global program on climate change and called for action that would benefit vulnerable countries. .

Climate Change Commission Secretary Robert Borje says key issues such as financing climate loss and damage and improving ways to access technology and build capacity have not gained traction despite previous declarations of commitments by parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). .

“As key stakeholders engage in appalling delaying tactics disguised as discussions, we are undermining global trust in multilateralism and eroding the confidence of our people and young people in the work we do,” Borje said during the talk. the closing plenary of the 56th session of the Subsidiary. Organs (SB56) of the UNFCCC in Bonn, Germany.

He expressed concern about the effect of inaction on global confidence in climate change work and called for more “meaningful results”. He also cited the need to “unlock” climate finance for the developing world.

Borje said the Philippines remains committed to engaging all parties and called on nations to anchor their work and actions on climate justice ahead of COP 27 to be held in November in Egypt.

President Duterte said last April that industrialized countries should pay for the damage caused by their carbon emissions as poorer countries like the Philippines suffer from the impact of climate change.

The climate crisis is deepening, but it seems governments around the world, big and small, are still busy passing the buck. While the UN calls all nations to action, the poorest are left behind, waiting for the big economies to deliver on their promises and do their fair share. Everyone is basically accusing each other of stalling while the world burns.

When will the governments of the world pull together and work in unison to prevent one of the greatest threats facing humanity?*