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Safe Sets Initiative: Advocate pushes for more security protocols


Currently, she is a noise artist, adding human sound effects to the film every day.

“New Mexico has one of the best film industries in the country. And what makes me so angry about what happened on the set of ‘Rust’ is that people then start to thinking, ‘Oh, that’s how we run our sets’ “Dale mentioned.

“It never should have happened. New Mexico doesn’t do it that way. So how did we lose sight of this group? How did it get past our radar?”

Dale plans to focus on answering these questions – and building on the impact she has had on sets for years now. She launched Safe Sets in New Mexico in 2017 – to tackle sexual harassment and abuse of power on sets. After shooting last week on the set of “Rust”, she reconsiders her mission.

“I have to rethink the parameters of what security really is on set. I have to think about it in terms of the dynamics of power imbalance, whether it’s in gun safety, or in a sex scene, or in a wrench fist harassed by their boss, anyway, it’s the same power dynamic, ”she said.

Dale said the same solutions to tackling sexual harassment apply to all dangers on set – starting with allies.

“If there are five witnesses, what the ally says is we’ve all seen this, we agree on the story, we’re going to do a group report.”

She also believes that rape aid centers in remote areas of our state can play an important role.

“If we train them just a little more, how to respond to the crisis lines for the movies, we could get these actors into trauma treatment. We could have the proper channels to report, we could have all of these things and that infrastructure is already there. “

Dale doesn’t just work for those in the industry – she said she does it for those they’ve just lost.

“I want to turn the loss of this person into something really powerful. I want her absolutely not to have died in vain.”

While Dale is an advocate for the New Mexico film industry – it should be pointed out, KOB 4 still hasn’t heard anyone from our New Mexico Film Office talk about this tragedy.

KOB 4 contacted – and a rep told us we should contact the production company. But this production company can’t answer our questions about what this shoot might do for the future of our industry in New Mexico – or what changes our state might put in place.