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San Dieguito School District seeks help from Encinitas for swimming pool project


The San Dieguito Union High School District is looking for a partner to help fund a swimming pool that could be used by both district students and the community, a district official told city council on Wednesday, 19 october.

“If there is interest, I would return to my board in January 2023” and begin the process of revamping pool plans and updating cost estimates, added John Addleman, associate superintendent. Acting District Business Services.

The five city council members said they were definitely interested in the idea of ​​Encinitas partnering with the school district on a swimming pool project, but cautioned that the process of moving from idea to reality may have to cross rough waters.

“There’s no doubt that it’s worth exploring,” council member Tony Kranz told Addleman, adding that he should remember the famous saying that “the devil is in the details.”

Council member Kellie Hinze and Mayor Catherine Blakespear said they think residents would like to have a community pool. Hinze noted that the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA is the community’s primary source of swimming lessons and that due to the growth of the city, more pool access is needed. Council member Joy Lyndes said she can’t wait to see what happens next.

“I believe there is interest in the community, but it’s not easy things to do,” she said.

Among the issues to be resolved are the location of the pool and its size.

The San Dieguito Union High School district, which covers a wide area from Carmel Valley to South Carlsbad, is considering two pool projects, Addleman said. The district board supported the establishment of a pool at Torrey Pines High School and a second pool “somewhere here on the north end of the district,” he said.

During his presentation, he showed a slide that used the San Dieguito Sports Complex on Calle Barcelona in South Carlsbad as a proposed second pool site. If this pool were a shared facility for both the school and the community, the district would offer to build a 50-meter pool, he said, adding that such a project would cost $16.3 million to build and about $1 million a year to operate. depending on how it is managed.

Carlsbad has one shared-use pool, the Monroe Street Pool next to Carlsbad High School, as well as a municipal pool complex at Alga Norte Park. Encinitas does not have a city-owned swimming pool.

As Addleman talked about putting a swimming pool on the South Carlsbad site, members of the Encinitas City Council explained how the original plans for the Encinitas Community Park, which opened in 2015, included a swimming pool. Kranz noted that a pool design was included in the environmental impact report the state approved for the park project and said the city should review the proposed size.

Councilman Joe Mosca, who once served on the city’s parks and recreation commission, said it was interesting to hear the pool issue come up.

“It’s come full circle and we’re discussing it again,” he said, later adding, “I absolutely support further exploration.”

Addleman told the board the district is setting aside $38 million for its pool projects. The Torrey Pines High School project, which is expected to be a 37-meter swimming pool, is expected to cost $14 million to build and just under $250,000 a year to operate, he said.