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Schools and colleges in Steel City generate 20 tons of e-waste


: Hulladek Recycling Pvt Ltd, an e-waste management company, has collected over 20 tons of e-waste from educational institutions in Jamshedpur in the past six months.

Over the past six months, Hulladek has conducted extensive awareness campaigns and collection campaigns in several schools and colleges in Jamshedpur, reaching 75 schools and colleges and resulting in the collection of over 20 tons of e-waste. The unconditional support of Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited (JUSCO) has greatly contributed to the success of this awareness campaign.

“We have been running this workshop at our school for Std VI and above for some time. The way awareness is generated towards e-waste in children is commendable. The development of curiosity in children to know what are the different types of electronic waste around us says a lot. Children are already aware of the different types of waste. But in the modern era where digitalization has become mandatory for the growth of a person and a society, E-waste awareness among children is really important, the workshop led by Hulladek is really commendable,” said Rashmi Sinha, Director, KPS Gamharia.

“Thank you for organizing these information sessions and fundraising campaigns. It will definitely make the students aware of the environment and taught them the proper way of disposing of waste,” said Namita Agarwal, Principal of Jamshedpur Public School.

“Electronic waste has now become a known and discussed topic in many places in our country and also around the world. Increasing waste generation is a concern and over the years we have seen an awareness of waste disposal and recycling. People around us are becoming aware of this problem and are also looking for solutions that reduce the negative impact on the environment. Over the years, we have seen how raising awareness has had a direct impact on the collection and recycling of e-waste. Since our inception, one of our main areas of focus has been raising awareness and encouraging people to move towards a circular economy. Our ‘Sabko Batao E-Waste Ghatao’ and ‘Make India E-waste Free’ campaigns are all aimed at educating people on effective waste disposal practices. Awareness is essential, but so is initiative. I am delighted to see so many students becoming aware of the threat and disposing of their e-waste appropriately,” said Nandan Mall, Founder of Hulladek Recycling.

Founded in 2015, Hulladek Recycling Private Limited is one of the top 5 PRO (Producer Responsibility Organization) in the country and already handles e-waste from companies like Tata Steel, Pepsico, Nestle India, Indusind Bank, Mondelez International, etc. India is the fifth largest producer of e-waste in the world and with over 80% of e-waste in India managed by the informal sector, the reach of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Producer Responsibility Organizations (PRO) is set to increase in the coming days.