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Seattle company tries to clean up homeless camp, backs down after advocates intervene – KIRO 7 Seattle News


SEATTLE – A Seattle business faces heat from homeless advocacy groups after attempting to clear an encampment off Lake City Way.

“Apparently, the people of Pierre decided they didn’t want this anymore,” says Karen Whittle, a homeless activist.

A lawyer for Bill Pierre says his company, along with other businesses and residents in the community, have taken charge of cleaning up the camp.

Their lawyer sent this statement to KIRO 7, which reads in full; “The Pierre family has been a member of the Lake City community for 74 years, the love for their community is generational and deep. Along with other members of the community, they have made numerous calls to the city and the police department to help them resolve issues such as vandalism, theft, property damage and threats of violence from this encampment. and they were told that something like a shooting had to happen before the city. will respond. After hearing this, several members of the commercial and residential community made the difficult decision to come together and help clear an unauthorized encampment filled with human excrement, rodents, criminal activity and used needles that were dangerous for everyone. The Pierre’s support was only motivated by the love they have for the community in which they live and work.

It is not known which other companies were involved in the attempt at compensation.

Tensions rose so quickly on Friday that Seattle police arrested a homeless advocate after saying she was in violation.

Whittle says there are a number of ways the company could have handled this situation – rather by taking what it calls aggressive action.

“If they’re allowed to get out, others will in other homeless settlements,” says Whittle. “Do something constructive rather than destructive. Give us a chance to show you that we can be neighbors.

Bill Pierre’s business eventually quit, allowing the encampment to fall back into place.

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