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Sterling women’s football earns win over Gering – Sterling Journal-Advocate


The early weeks of the 2022 season haven’t always been good for Sterling’s women’s game, but the Tigers are still finding ways to stay competitive.

Ryann Linn (9) moves the ball down during the Sterling Girls soccer game against Gering, Nebraska on March 24, 2022. (Joe Skerjanec/OTSPORTSCHEK)

On March 24, they scored their only victory to date when Gering came across the borders from Nebraska. During that game, which ended 4-0 in favor of Sterling, junior Ryann Linn surged offensively scoring two goals and adding an assist to register five points in total for herself. Junior Charli Frankenfeld and rookie Lydia Boxberger helped her efforts by registering a goal and an assist each.

Other than that lone win, the Tigers struggled to find the back of the net, but their defense kept them competitive in a number of other competitions. They fell to Severance 4-1 in their first game of the season and lost 4-0 to Liberty Common last Thursday, but they managed to sweat Lamar and Fort Morgan from start to finish as they only allowed only one goal to each of these teams in the 1-0 campaigns.

The Tigers will have a good chance to turn things around on Tuesday afternoon when they host a Frontier Academy 1-4 at 4 p.m.

Sterling baseball is on a tear

After Sterling baseball opened its season with a 6-2 loss to University, the Tigers decided they didn’t like that feeling.

In the weeks that followed, not only did they not lose a single match, but they destroyed almost every opponent they faced. Aside from an 8-3 win over Yuma on April 1, they haven’t won by less than seven points. Five of the wins in their now 8-1 record ended in double-digit deficits, including their most recent 17-3 victory against Strasbourg last Thursday.

This campaign saw Wyatt Buckley and Noah Soper record three RBIs each and Andrew Meick add two more. Tylor Felzien, Andrew Scavarda, Jake Gordon, Dylan DiOrio and Robbie Carasco also added their names to the mix with one RBI each.