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Student Leadership in Climate Education at Eugene SD 4J



Program date: January 7, 2022

Release date: January 10, 2022

From Eugène’s City Club:

Students from four high schools in the Eugene 4J School District are leading the way in environmental stewardship. Effective management of the environment, like most complex civic activities, relies on knowing how the patterns and substance of everyday life contribute to good practice. Public education has always played a role in acquiring knowledge and skills among ordinary people, in order to develop their skills to nurture healthy communities. But students weren’t always part of the curriculum design team. This program will show how times are changing.

The 4J Climate Justice team is a network of students and staff from across the district. The team’s goal is to implement PK-12 climate education in 4J schools, with the larger goal of sharing successful strategies statewide. They are currently focusing on ways to integrate climate education into the existing K-12 curriculum in all subjects, as well as ways to bring sustainable practices to all buildings in the district.


Sarah Ruggiero Kirby, Eugene 4J Secondary Science Specialist

Tana Shepard, Climate, Energy and Conservation Specialist at Eugene 4J


Bodhi coelho is a student at South Eugene High School and a member of the school’s environmental club, Earth Guardians 350. He plans to pursue a career in education and is passionate about implementing the climate justice agenda in schools around Eugene.

Sandra cronin is a high school student from North Eugene High School who fights for environmental and racial justice. Her hope is to study environmental and climate science after high school.

olivia lead is a senior at Sheldon High School. She plans to pursue a career in ecology with an emphasis on conservation.

Lottie rohde is a junior at Churchill High School. She is passionate about environmental activism and sustainability. She currently runs the Climate Action Club and is a member of the Rachel Carson Academy of the CHS.