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The 9/11 Forum: Citizen of the World: A Humanitarian’s Journey with Jane Olson


On Sunday September 11we are delighted to welcome a human rights defender and activist Jane Olson at the Forum of All Saints. The story of Jane’s commitment to the healing power of humanitarian action in the world is literally one of a lifetime of faith action.

As we mark another anniversary of 9/11 – a date that has become so emblematic of a world torn apart by polarization and sectarian violence – Jane’s embodied leadership in bringing people together for the good of humanity is an example that inspires and informs us as we continue to live the values ​​of courageous justice and radical inclusion in our beautiful and broken world.

A member of All Saints for decades, Jane has been at the center of much of the church’s iconic Peace & Justice history. She will share some of that story and how she understands that her work in the wider world is rooted in the All Saints community. She will also talk about her new book, Citizen of the world: journey of a humanitarian: a tale of light and hope in the midst of unimaginable human suffering. Stories of the life-saving impact of humanitarian response, the healing power of community and the importance of justice offer the message of hope that one person and one community can make a difference.

Don’t miss this chance to be inspired by a true Giant of Justice as we revisit some of our All Saints history to equip ourselves to move forward into God’s future.

In the CSA forum, Sunday, September 11 at 9 a.m. – in person or via live stream on https://allsaints-pas.org/live-stream/.