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The Argonaut – The climate walkout organizes awareness days ahead of the municipal council emissions workshop



The Climate Justice League and the University of Idaho Sustainability Center have staged a strike to raise awareness of climate issues, with a focus on the Ready For 100 campaign.

RF100 calls on Moscow City Council to commit to a community-wide 100% clean energy target by 2045 with an interim target of delivering clean electricity by 2035. 450 signatures were collected for the petition and presented to the Moscow city council on September 20. .

“The climate walkout focused specifically on Moscow’s RF100 campaign,” said Devin Conway, a Moscow high school student. “It was started by the Palouse group and the Sierra Club and it is trying to get the city of Moscow to make a 100% commitment to clean energy at the community level.”

The walkout preceded Monday, September 27, when the Moscow city council will hold a workshop on greenhouse gas emissions. This workshop will ask staff to present alternatives to tackle greenhouse gas emissions and programs focused on climate concerns.

“This means Monday will be a big decision maker on Moscow’s carbon emissions progress for years to come,” Conway said. “This workshop will help decide whether Moscow will take serious action to mitigate the effects of climate change or to reflect legislative inaction seen around the world.”

Mac Cantrell, a retired IU biologist, was a guest speaker at the event and spoke about the importance of younger generation action. Cantrell is also part of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby which advocates for national policies to fight climate change.

“Younger people are going to get lawmakers to listen more because they are the voters who are coming in,” Cantrell said. “Each of us must come together, no matter where we are politically. ”

Although Cantrell did not work with CJL, he was impressed with the group’s work with RF100.

“When I first heard of this I thought it wasn’t going to have any traction,” Cantrell said. “They did such a good job that it gets huge traction. The city is seriously considering moving forward. It remains to be seen whether they are making enough progress or not.

Simon Smith, CCL member, also spoke about the event and the importance of it.

“At the moment, young people represent energy and ideas, the motivation to take action,” said Smith. “It’s our whole future, however, it will impact the young people more than the old ones.”

One of the consistent messages for climate change activists across the various guest speakers was to persist despite pushback.

“This drastic change hasn’t happened with a lot of people yet. It shouldn’t matter,” Smith said. “It shouldn’t deter others from pushing and knowing they’re right. history is on their side. It’s inevitable. ”

Clara Abplanalp, event coordinator for the Sustainability Center, helped plan the event on the university side.

“It meant the world: it was huge. We were worried about the participation because COVID-19 makes it difficult, ”Abplanalp said. “To see so many students singing and walking down the main street was huge.”

In Abplanalp’s speech, she referred to the suspension of the UI recycling program.

“He has been suspended since January 2020 and we at the Sustainability Center are fighting to bring him back. It was a financial question, ”said Abplanalp. “A lot of the things that were put in the recycling bins were contaminated and couldn’t be sent to recycling facilities, so they had to be thrown away, which resulted in a loss of money. ”

The Sustainability Center will be posting a video that focuses on how to recycle and what happened to the recycling program, as well as ways to bring the program back.

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