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The CGU chair immortalizes a beloved math teacher


On Monday, Claremont Graduate University (CGU) announced that “major donations combined with several additional donations” totaling more than $ 1 million – had been secured to create the Ellis Cumberbatch Chair. The chair was named in honor of the late professor of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences of CGU and “will support a post of professor of mathematics at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMS) of CGU,” in a press release. hurry.

At a celebration of Cumberbatch’s life on December 11, Daniel Pick – a 1995 CGU alumnus with a master’s degree in mathematics – unveiled the effort to create and immortalize his late mentor with the chair. In a statement, gifts and pledges exceeding $ 200,000 each were made by Pick, Haisheng “Shawn” Luo (Ph.D., Mathematics, ’95) and IMS Professor Allon Percus.

“Ellis has been instrumental in the math curriculum on our campus and at all colleges in Claremont,” said Len Jessup, President of CGU, adding “and I am sincerely grateful to Dan [Pick] and Shawn, Allon and other Ellis supporters for starting a special way to honor her in our community. A fund like this will become a living legacy. Jessup said the endowment will help support IMS faculty over the next several years.

Once officially established, the chair will provide “annual financial support” to the faculty member who holds it “for the purpose of fully supporting a permanent position within IMS,” the press release said. The chair is expected to help cover costs, including “salary and a stipend to support research, graduate assistantships and other academic activities”.

Cumberbatch, a beloved member of CGU’s IMS family, sadly passed away on September 5, 2021 at the age of 87. According to an announcement from CGU upon his death, Cumberbatch has been described as a “pillar” since arriving at Claremont in 1981. For the past 40 years, Cumberbatch was known to play an active role in CGU and was the one who “sought out to create a collegial, collaborative and united atmosphere for the university’s mathematical community ”.

“He got his doctorate. in Applied Mathematics at the University of Manchester in 1958. His thesis called for the design of an ocean-going ship’s hull that would allow it to travel over 230 miles per hour. His mathematical contributions and research interests ranged from differential equations and fluid mechanics to semiconductors and industrial modeling, ”CGU officials wrote in September.

The late professor is credited with “significantly revitalizing the IMS and championing the collaborative spirit that has come to define the mathematics research community at Claremont Colleges,” according to recent news announcing the professor’s position.

“Mathematics at Claremont is truly a community, and Ellis was instrumental in building that community into what it is today,” said Professor IMS Percus.