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The McGregor community bids farewell to Lori and Natalie Aviles


McREGOR, Texas (KWTX) – Lori and Natalie Aviles, two of the five people killed at McGregor last Thursday, were laid to rest a week later.

Hundreds of people gathered at the McGregor Exchange Event Center to pay their respects and bid farewell.

Lori and Natalie have helped shine a bright light on their community – a light that is always on – which fades as the community heals.

Over the past week, friends and family have described Lori and Natalie as good people who were strong in their faith.

Natalie was a graduate of McGregor High School and a nursing student at Temple College.

His mother, Lori, worked as a respiratory therapist assistant at Baylor Scott and White for several years.

“Whatever she said, she said it with her heart. It wasn’t just through the lips and that’s what really touched people,” said family member Alex Rez.

Lore and Natalie Aviles were buried.(KWTX)

According to Natalie and Lori’s family, when there was trouble, they were always there to help in any way they could.

“I lost my son last year, exactly one year ago. She was one of the sisters who helped so much with the funeral arrangements and everything we needed. I appreciate them so much for that,” said family member Adriana Servin.

Other stories I’ve heard about Lori and Natalie include taking neighbors’ children to doctor’s appointments when parents weren’t able to – as well as a annual walk to raise awareness for colon cancer – something she lost her late husband, mike, to in 2019.

“Through her words of wisdom and her knowledge, she had just that in her. Not many people have that kind of gift where you can reach out to people,” Rez said.

Natalie was a former Miss McGregor, student council president, and recipient of the KWTX Class Champion for her great achievements in and out of school.

“They were exceptional people and wonderful women. We will miss them so much. I am so happy to know that they were loved,” Servin said.

Lori and her daughter, Natalie, are survived by Natalie’s two younger brothers, Ezra and Zion Aviles.

Services for Monica Delgado Aviles and her children Miguel and Natalie Avila are scheduled for Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the McGregor Exchange Event Center.