Desperados partners with Peggy Gou to showcase the future of the party through a fun initiative that turns dance steps into cash for inclusive charities

  • 40% would go out more if the party scene was more inclusive

  • 65% of people would like to see the future of the party more diverse and inclusive

  • More than half of people would like to see more opportunities in the party scene for women (62%), minorities and LGBTQ+ community (54%)

  • six out of ten would like to see the party scene do more to support charities

AMSTERDAM , July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –According to new research by Desperados, two-thirds of people want to see more diversity and inclusivity in the party scene, with more than 50% of people wanting to see more opportunities for ethnic minorities and the LGBTQ+ community, and over 62% want to see more done for women. Additionally, it affects the nightlife scene, with four in ten saying it would go out more if it was more inclusive.

Peggy Gou played a sunset in Ibiza for the lucky revelers who danced the most steps the night before at Elrow, and unlocked the reward invite

To highlight the importance of inclusivity on the dance floor and harness the power of dance to raise money for charity, Desperados has teamed up with an internationally renowned DJ Peggy Gou, renowned party producer Elrow and music industry leaders Beatport to create an innovative party series that will take the world by storm this year. Using their innovation Rave to save app and wearable technology, Desperados allows partygoers to convert their dance moves into donations for global and local charities that champion inclusivity, including Women in Music and Stone wall.

Peggy Gouworld famous DJ, said: “I think it’s important that we continue to talk about gender, sexuality and racial inequalities in the music industry and on the dance floor, because it’s important that we continue to encourage and celebrate the diversity within the party scene. I remain committed to taking steps to make the party more inclusive, so that everyone can enjoy it, equally, in front of and behind the decks. The music is powerful, and seeing people literally dancing for change is amazing.

For every 100 steps danced at each event, €1 will be donated by Desperados to support inclusive charities, with the brand pledging to convert up to €200,000 across the festive season. These funds will be used to advance awareness, equality, diversity, and opportunity for women and the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. In addition to the financial stake in the field, Desperados is driving change from within, as it commits to 60% of the DJs they work with directly identifying as female or LGBTQ+.

Nicole Barsalonapresident of Women in Music, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Desperados to encourage inclusivity and boost representation in the electronic music space. The Rave to Save campaign highlights the fact that every party-goer has the power to positively impact the future of entertainment – by dancing to raise funds and in their conduct on the dance floor. Together we can make the party experience safer for everyone.

As well as raising money for charity, Desperados shines a light on the potential future of the party experience – as more than half (54%) of people said festivals and club nights feel repetitive – by showing how technology can allow participants to unlock rewards and experiences through the power of their dance moves. Prizes can range from free Desperados to tickets to exclusive experiences that can be claimed through the app. The more levels they unlock, the more epic the night becomes for everyone on the dance floor. Kicking off a series of 10 parties, the launch event held at Amnesia Ibiza rewarded those who danced the most with an exclusive afterparty hosted by DJ Peggy Gou, and this weekend alone nearly 4 million steps were danced and raised €30,000 for charity.

Rutger van der StegenGlobal Marketing Manager for Desperados, said: “We have always been pioneers of the party scene, but we believe we have a responsibility to positively influence it, by changing and improving the ways we come together. We’re excited to pour some love onto the dance floor and unite partygoers through our Rave to Save app by rewarding them the more they move. By dancing together, we can all support inclusive causes and work to make the dancefloor an equal place for all.

This latest set of events is part of the Desperados global schedule. Pour the unusual over your usual creative platform, which includes a new brand movie which embraces the playful and experimental spirit of the brand and celebrates people who are not afraid to be themselves.

For more on the series of events, watch the exclusive Ibiza afterparty here or check it out on social media – #RavetoSave #Desperados.

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Peggy Gou helped people Rave to Save for charities that champion inclusivity, while filming in Ibiza with Desperados

Peggy Gou helped people Rave to Save for charities that champion inclusivity, while filming in Ibiza with Desperados

Partygoers' footsteps are turned into charity donations by Desperados

Partygoers’ footsteps are turned into charity donations by Desperados



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