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U.S. House votes on bill with historic investments in climate action and environmental justice



The United States House is set to vote on the Build Back Better Act, legislation that would launch the United States towards a clean energy economy, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), by making historic investments in clean energy and transport, climate resilient agriculture and environmental justice.

Below is a statement from Johanna Chao Kreilick, President of UCS.

“It is a relief and a pleasure to see the House finally vote on this transformative bill. This legislation would help fight climate change through essential tax credits and incentives that would bring more clean energy to the grid and electrify cars, buses and trucks. This would dramatically reduce U.S. emissions and be the most ambitious climate legislation our country has passed to date. This foundation would position the United States to do more in the coming years to further reduce heat trapping emissions as science shows is needed.

“If passed, the benefits of this legislation will be evident as clean energy jobs are created, heavily polluted neighborhoods are cleaned up, electric vehicles are rolled out in all communities, and farms become larger. resistant to droughts and floods which are now more common and severe due to climate change.

“The substantial investments the Build Back Better Act makes in predominantly Black, Brown and Indigenous communities that continue to suffer from systemic discrimination and disproportionate amounts of pollution mark a turning point in Congress’ recognition of environmental injustice and loss. of land and capital that these communities suffered.

“Securing the Build Back Better Act would be a historic and relentless victory for the broad and diverse movement for climate justice in the face of relentless opposition from fossil fuel interests. Today is the time to recognize the power of collective action and celebrate the benefits this law would bring to people across the country. We look forward to the Senate passing this bill quickly.

“In the years to come, we will continue to work side by side with scientists, local community groups, farmers, labor groups, business leaders and others to get the additional measures that will be needed to reduce broadcasts as deeply and quickly as science suggests. occur and respond to the United States’ contribution to global climate goals.