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Vancouver Showcase becomes a short film festival and aims to increase the impact of short films


The first showcase of the short film at the Park Theater, photo by Luka Cyprian

“We have the chance to present and celebrate and, in fact, make waves for the people who move us into our seats as we finally return to the theater at full capacity. Reward them with awards and accolades and a little push to start their journey as filmmakers. “

What started as a fun Sunday afternoon showcase of Vancouver independent filmmakers in 2019 has grown and has just opened to accept submissions from around the world to embrace, uplift and recognize shorts and their directors. at the Sunday Shorts Vancouver Film Festival.

“People see the end result. The accomplished actor, the director at the helm of a blockbuster. We want to help give momentum to the start of these careers,” he says. Logan has recruited a powerful pantheon of industry professionals to judge the showcase of the festival, including Oscar winning costume designer from Moulin Rouge and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Angus Strathie, Vancouver talent agent Kathy Carpenter from KCTALENT. , cinematographer Stirling Bancroft (Monkey Beach, Freaks), director / producer of Riverdale Gabriel Correa, and native actor Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica, Man of Steel). So far, the panel is complemented by two judges representing the sponsors of the short film showcase: Tug Phipps, coordinator of emerging filmmakers (William F. White International) bringing with him a set of film equipment / rental, and Tosca Musk, South African filmmaker. and co-founder of streaming service Passionflix, offering a licensing deal for the most romantic short film. Logan is also proud to be sponsored by UBCP / ACTRA as he has always been a strong supporter of joining actor unions while making independent, low budget dishes. Even its short ‘Never’. (currently in 9 festivals around the world) with the small budget of $ 4000 was under union contract.

Sunday Shorts opened for submissions this first week of November, with early bird discounted prices on the official website for submissions: FilmFreeway.com. The judges of the first round from all walks of life, all film enthusiasts, will judge on criteria such as “Did this short film entertain you?” And ‘Would you like to watch it again?’. Logan believes in maintaining a light, fun feel and a wide variety of voices, which is reflected in the first round and industry judges, which can be seen fully on his website ChristopherLoganProductions.com .

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