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Vice President Naidu says tackling climate change is about climate justice


Indian Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Friday highlighted the importance of climate justice to tackle climate change during the retreat session of the 13th ASEM Summit. Concerned about building a more sustainable and equitable world, Vice-President Naidu stressed that the European Union (EU) and India share a common interest on the issue of climate change and that “the way towards the fight against climate change comes through climate justice, forcing countries to take a bigger, longer-term picture. ”He also highlighted the shortcomings highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic and called for an approach multilateral and collaborative to fill the gaps.

It is relevant to mention that Vice President Naidu addressed the session on the second day of the 13th ASEM Summit, which kicked off on November 25 in a virtual format. The theme of the year “Strengthening multilateralism for growth of stocks” focused on establishing “cooperation across geopolitical divisions”, as stated by EU chief Ursula Von der Leyen in his summit opening speech.

“The oceans are paths to prosperity”: VP Naidu

Stressing the importance of maritime security in an increasingly globalized world, the Vice-President also underlined that the oceans are the “paths to prosperity” and that it is important that their access remains free and open, to both traditional and non-traditional threats, issued a statement. by the MEA said, citing the VP. He also highlighted five principles that define India’s approach, including free, open and secure maritime trade. In addition, he also underlined that India is committed to peaceful settlement of maritime disputes based on international law, collective management of natural disasters and maritime threats, preservation of maritime environment and maritime resources. , and fostering responsible maritime connectivity based on sustainability and the absorptive capacity of countries, the MEA statement added.

“India has helped make the world a safer place”

Speaking about India’s contribution to tackling the COVID pandemic, Vice President Naidu asserted that “by controlling the transmission of infection among one sixth of the world’s population, India has helped make the world safer “. Calling for a multilateral and collaborative approach to address supply chain disparities, VP said “a different world awaits us” in the post-pandemic era. Reaffirming India’s commitment to share its experience and resources with the world to ensure the security and growth of all regions, he confirmed that India is also in the process of restarting the global export of vaccines to countries in need.

“It is the one that places greater importance on trust and transparency, resilience and reliability, as well as choice and redundancy,” he said and observed that the process ASEM, bringing together the countries of Asia and Europe, has a vital role to play in this regard, ”MEA quoted Vice-President Naidu.

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