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What these scenes from The Boys look like without special effects


Towards the end of the first episode, the audience begins to understand just how cruel Homelander really is. The Mayor of Baltimore and his son are on a plane when they see Homelander flying alongside them. The mayor previously tried to blackmail superhero company Vought, leading Homelander to use his laser eyes to shoot down the plane. The superhero (or should we say supervillain?) watches with a slight smile as the plane burst into flames, rips apart, and plummets through the clouds.

To create this shocking scene, the crew filmed Starr hanging from wires in front of a green screen. They combined these images with CGI to create the final effect. Homelander uses his laser eyes several times throughout the show, and it was during this scene that the visual effects team refined the look of his most memorable superpower.

“There’s also a lot of subtlety and a lot of breakage to these lasers that make them slightly unique from your average CG laser eye gag and they play into his character,” Fleet notes. “I think the timing and the tempo and the rhythm of when we go up and down them, we use his performance to really gauge that.”

“The final blow is really [director] Dan Trachtenberg’s vision in doing a slow, wraparound reveal of the character of Homelander,” adds Fleet. So you get the plane ripped in half, which is awesome, that’s probably the biggest show we get in this episode, and then we snake the camera over Homelander and see that little smile on his face and you realize: “Oh, this guy is a sociopath.” “

This incredible attention to detail almost makes the Supes look real…but after seeing this show, we’re glad they’re not!