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What will fix the T? Transportation advocate shares some suggestions with Boston 25 – Boston 25 News


BOSTON, Mass. – There were again problems on the tracks after the new Orange and Red Line trains were taken out of service on Monday morning. The MBTA blames a battery failure that needs to be investigated before new cars can be started again.

“It looks like it’s getting worse and worse,” said Emelia Comerford, who takes the T but does so cautiously.

Amid a federal investigation, riders now fear the system itself may be down.

” I do not trust. I usually leave half an hour longer than I think,” Comerford said.

Additionally, an escalator at a standstill in Chinatown suddenly backed up on Sunday evening, a collision on the Green Line under the Government Center on June 1 and a runaway train in Braintree on May 30.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is not happy.

Governor Baker’s office says they share the legislature’s goal of making the T safe. Spokesperson Anisha Chakrabarti, Deputy Director of Communications, added:

“The administration has invested nearly $8 billion in new lanes, cars and signals to make up for decades of deferred maintenance by the state government.”

“Not having stable funding, constantly cutting the operating budget has consequences and we’re living through them right now,” said Jarred Johnson, executive director of TransitMatters, a transit advocacy group.

Johnson says to fix the T, priorities need to be reworked.

“The focus has been on getting big capital projects done and not on some of the fundamental issues, like having enough dispatchers to make sure the trains can run safely,” Johnson said.

Johnson also says the T needs a dedicated funding source for capital projects, must pay competitive salaries and needs a new board of directors that provides critical oversight.

He says a board that asks tough questions and holds people accountable will go a long way in getting the T back on track.

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